05 Apr 2022

Sales supremo Steve Cox seeking new opportunities in the toy trade

After a short period away from the toy trade, experienced sales professional Steve Cox is keen to return to the industry he loves and is full of ideas for developing new ranges for the market. He is looking to work with a new company who can take advantage of his 20 years of experience to help them grow and develop.

“Having left the toy trade in 2021 I have realised how much I enjoyed working with great people and companies. I am now looking to return to the toy industry and would be interested in a variety of role within Sales from Director to Area Manager,” says Steve. “Not only can I offer companies great sales and industry knowledge but also the creativity for product selection, ranging and development. I am especially interested in the development of products with sustainability at their core.”

Steve is known in the toy industry for ranging and developing soft toys with Keel Toys and Aurora World including Milly (the pinkest cat), Yoohoo and, most recently, Keeleco. “Sustainability should be central to the development of new products and I’m proud to be part of the team that delivered Keeleco, which are soft toys made from 100% recycled plastic,” says Steve. “The range can now be seen right across traditional retail through to all the major zoos in the UK and is seen as the vanguard of sustainable soft toys.”

To get in touch with Steve, email steve.stillliving@gmail.com or call 07803 877158.



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