06 Apr 2022

Infantino gives playtime a Jumbo twist

Infantino has added to its range of award-winning products with the Jumbo Sensory Discovery Mat, providing a truly epic area for endless play.

Offering a giant space for curious minds and little hands, the new Jumbo Sensory Discovery Mat is designed to encourage exploration. Bursting with textured shapes, crinkly fabrics, colourful ribbons, and a giant selfie mirror – plus fun animals including a monkey, racoon, elephant and sloth –it aims to stimulate the senses and will keep little ones mesmerised for hours.

At a whopping 48″ x 48″, the mat provides a great place for rolling, crawling, sitting and tummy time, as well as lots of room for a play date, too. Perfect for using at home or on the go, it is easy to move from room to room and folds up to a fraction of the size, making it ideal for travels to the beach, park or grandma’s.

The mat is also machine washable, making it easy to wash away any spillages.

Commenting on the new launch, Nivi Bhide, Infantino’s Director of Marketing Europe, says: “We are thrilled to be launching the Jumbo Sensory Discovery Mat, especially with summer on its way. Play dates in the park or at home are sure to be aided tremendously with this adorable mat. With interactive activities, it’s the perfect distraction for inquisitive bubbas.”

For retail enquiries, contact Nivi Bhide at nivi@infantino.com

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