08 Apr 2022

Smart Toys and Games expands bestselling IQ range

Smart Toys and Games has announced the arrival of three new additions to its world-renowned Smart Games IQ collection: IQ Love, IQ Stixx and IQ Six Pro.

IQ Love is a travel-friendly puzzle game that revolves around 10 colourful gemstones, which players aged 7+ must fit into the board. Thanks to the board being double-sided, the game boasts 120 challenges.

For IQ Stixx, players must stack five horizontal pieces on top of five vertical ones by criss-crossing them together. This travel-friendly puzzle game features 120 challenges.

IQ Six Pro promises the same level of fun as one of the world’s most popular puzzles, the IQ Puzzler Pro, but on a hexagonal grid. Offering players three ways to play, the top of the game board has a grid for both 2D challenges and 3D pyramid challenges, while the base invites players to make colourful butterflies on the 2D challenge grid. Travel friendly, IQ Six Pro comes complete with a transparent lid, 12 colourful hexagonal puzzle pieces and a booklet with 120 challenges and solutions.

Selling in their tens of thousands, the IQ range is an immensely popular category for Smart Toys and Games. Each game boasts a unique and innovative game mechanic and offers varying levels of difficulty, making them suitable for both adults and children as young as six.

Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director of Smart Toys and Games, says: “Our IQ fans never let us down with their excitement for each new launch. We really hope they love the new additions this spring. As we enter brighter days, these games are perfect for families as they start to plan more travel, both home and abroad. They also provide plenty of entertainment in the car or in restaurants rather than the usual digital devices.”

For sales enquiries, contact uk@smart.be or call 01903 885669

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