13 Apr 2022

MGA Entertainment launches Shadow High

Rainbow High has officially met its match. The students of MGA Entertainment’s new Shadow High, who embody the other half of the Rainbow, will be available for pre-order from Smyths this month (April) and available to purchase from all good toy retailers soon.  

The Shadow High collection features an assortment of six dolls distinguished by bold, grayscale tones with a touch of iridescent shine and classic rainbow accents. The line introduces fans and collectors to all-new characters whose personalities are reportedly just as unique and enigmatic as their style.

With the launch of Shadow High, the Rainbow High brand officially expands into untapped territory, introducing fans to its most creative and unexpected collection to date.

An MGA spokesperson says: “The Shadow High students remain true to the values of their colourful counterparts, including creativity and inclusivity, but are aesthetically different, proudly expressing their personalities through their fashions.

“At Shadow High, the talent is unwavering and creativity is unmatched. Unlike their impeccable rivals, the students of Shadow High take an avante garde approach to their creative expression. These students may thrive in the shadows, but they always let their true colours shine.

“The collection takes full command of the other side of the Rainbow with a bold, polished, and luxe feel that is woven throughout packaging and design.”

The students of Shadow High are:

  • Natasha Zima, Cosmetic Chemistry Focus
  • Heather Grayson, Special Effects Makeup Focus
  • Ash Silverstone, Audio & Visual Effects Focus
  • Nicole Steel, Installation Focus
  • Luna Madison, Film Focus
  • Shanelle Onyx, Couture Fashion Design Focus

The dolls are fully articulated, including their arms and legs, and feature unique sculpts. The new collection’s packaging will mirror that of Rainbow High with a twist, as though Shadow High hacked Rainbow High’s brand block on shelves. The fashions sported by the dolls feature trendy fabrics and aspirational designs that kids see in the real world. Each doll features two edgy outfits for extended playability and endless imaginative play.

Isaac Larian, Founder & CEO of MGA Entertainment, says: “Our Rainbow High fans are loyal and passionate. There has been noise and demand for this collection since word got out. The collection was a secret kept under wraps for many months and fans couldn’t get enough while we played along in true Shadow High fashion via social media. Fans saw takeovers, leaks and mysterious Shadow High accounts popping up across social media in advance of its debut and it has already disrupted the industry!”

Fans of the collection can also catch the students of Shadow High in season three of the hit animated Rainbow High series, which aired on 1 April on YouTube. Fans can catch up on previous seasons on Netflix, and check out all of the latest episodes on YouTube. In the series, Shadow High is tired of Rainbow High winning everything, and they are determined to no longer be the arts school hidden in the shadows.

Keep an eye out for the dolls taking over shelves at the end of the month. Head to rainbowhigh.com and follow along @rainbowhigh.uk and #LETYOURTRUECOLOURSSHINE for more information.

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