20 Apr 2022

Spin Master expands Toy Invention Program to Europe

Spin Master is bringing its Toy Invention Program to Europe through a partnership with Kingston University. Beginning in September this year, the one-year course will be facilitated by the faculty at Kingston University’s School of Arts, and is the first continuing education program in Europe of its kind.

Aimed at inspiring a new generation of toy inventors, the program will teach students the creative and business process of toy invention, including inventive thinking, concept creation, user-centered design, sustainability, prototyping, and marketing of toys, games, and interactive experiences, in combination with insight into the toy industry.

“Since inception, Spin Master has been fueled by its drive for continuous innovation with both internal capabilities and a powerful network of external inventors globally — including a rich network based in the UK,” says Amy Pruzansky, Spin Master’s senior vice president of global advanced concepts team. “The Toy Invention Program at Kingston University is uniquely tailored to this thriving market, leveraging our incredible relationships with a robust inventor network that offers tremendous value to the course for students.”

The Toy Invention Program was first launched in Israel, where it was offered through Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art at the Department of Continuing Education. It has since expanded to Ryerson University in Canada and Doshisha University in Japan. The program is also set to expand to Hong Kong this year.


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