22 Apr 2022

Spin Master extends its Recycling Program to include all of its toy packaging in the U.S.

Spin Master has announced the expansion of its Spin Master Recycling Program to include all Spin Master toy packaging in the United States. Originally launched in April 2021 with international recycling leader TerraCycle, the program allows for the company’s toys and games to be recycled.

“Parents tell us that toys have a long-life cycle in their home and are passed down to siblings and future generations, with only nine per cent indicating they’ve thrown out their previously loved toys,” says Tammy Smitham, Spin Master’s VP Communications & Corporate Citizenship. “They are, however, increasingly concerned about sustainable packaging options for our toys. Through the expansion of our work with TerraCycle, we are not only providing a recycling option for the toys, but now we have a solution for the packaging as well, ensuring that all Spin Master products and packaging are diverted from the landfill and given a new purpose while reducing our environmental impact.”

Through the Spin Master Recycling Program, consumers can send in Spin Master toys, games and packaging to TerraCycle to be recycled for free. Participation is easy: sign up on the TerraCycle program page (https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/spin-master) and mail in well-loved toys and discarded packaging using the prepaid shipping label provided. Once collected, the Spin Master toys and packaging are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products, such as park benches and picnic tables.

“The Spin Master Recycling Program has given families a perfect chance to engage the next generation through sustainability in a fun and approachable way,” says TerraCycle CEO and Founder Tom Szaky. “This program makes it easy to show your children that recycling, and the environment, don’t have to be relegated to the classroom – with the help of their parents, kids can grow into responsible environmental citizens through the course of their everyday lives by responsibly recycling their well-loved toys, along with the packaging from their new ones.”

Spin Master’s expanded program with TerraCycle is part of the company’s larger sustainability efforts outlined in its recently issued 2021 CSR Report. In addition to ongoing waste diversion efforts, the company has committed to reducing plastic in packaging by 50% by 2025.  More information on Spin Master’s CSR strategy and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment are available at https://www.spinmaster.com/en-US/corporate/corporate-social-responsibility.

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