25 Apr 2022

More top accolades for Wilton Bradley’s Waterwall

Wilton Bradley’s educational water-play toy Waterwall has been awarded a Good Toy Guide Recommendation by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

The indoor/outdoor toy, which helps children of three and over learn about gravity, angles and water flows and provides valuable sensory, screen-free playtime, was praised as a great team-building toy by a Good Play Guide expert, who commented: “Waterwall encourages children to get active outdoors and use teamwork and logical thinking skills to make the water flow down the pipes. Using a cup to transfer water into the tray is a great way to help children develop skills in hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and visual processing. As they watch the water running down and turn the water wheels, they are also learning about cause and effect and scientific concepts such as gravity and water flow.

“Children are also encouraged to work together and use team-building skills to work out a route for the water to successfully run down the tubes. This helps them to develop important collaborative social skills such as cooperation and problem-solving. Play is a great tool for developing creative problem-solving skills as children can see what works, what doesn’t and how they can adapt their approach.”

In addition, Waterwall has won a coveted place in The Toy Insider’s 2022 Spring & Summer Toy Guide. Each year, a team of experts test thousands of toys, with only those deemed the best making it into the much-anticipated Guide, which features 260 of “the best, brightest, and coolest spring and summer toys” for the warmer months, judged on originality, quality, play value, skill-building and fun factor.

Made from quality sustainably sourced wood, Waterwall is weather resistant, making it perfect for the garden, but it can also be used indoors thanks to the bucket (included) that catches the water when it reaches the bottom.

Other key features are:

  • Simple assembly.
  • Designed to be kept outdoors all year round.
  • Expandable: Accessories packs available to expand your water run!
  • Plug & play: Interchangeable modular pieces – which allows for thousands of combinations.
  • Includes modular accessories which are fitted to the wall to create a water run from top to bottom

Wilton Bradley can be contacted here.





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