16 May 2022

Heathside Trading signs licensing and distribution deal for Chameleon’s Blendypen products

Heathside Trading has announced a long-term licensing and distribution deal for Chameleon’s patented Blendypen branded products, including Sprayza and Fineliners.

Henry Belmonte, CEO of Chameleon, says: “Chameleon has long been at the forefront of stationery, art and toy innovation and we are ready to expand our global reach. We are sure Heathside’s many years of experience and global network will help supercharge Blendypen’s reach and bring our much-loved products to a new audience.’’

“We always enjoyed offering the Blendypen range a number of years ago, and when the opportunity presented itself to team up again on the brand we jumped at it,” says Account Manager Max Nelson of Heathside. “We are so excited to be bringing yet another iconic brand into our portfolio, and will start to show the range at Distoy and develop the line moving forward.’’

For more information visit www.heathside.biz




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