24 May 2022

Mattel takes the PlayBack message into UK schools

Mattel this week launches a nationwide resource designed with educators to engage primary schools and KS2 pupils in learning about sustainability, and introducing Mattel PlayBack to children for the first time.

Running throughout 2022 in 700 Schools with over 150,000 pupils, the engaging resource has been designed encompassing PSHE and citizenship topics to celebrate the power of sustainable play, at home and at school.

Children will take part in a series of lessons where they will learn about how climate change is impacting our planet, before becoming Mattel PlayBack Ambassadors. The materials will introduce Mattel’s programme that aims to give a second life by encouraging families to donate or recycle their children’s outgrown eligible Barbie, MEGA and Matchbox toys.

In addition, children will take part in a teacher-led ‘Mattel PlayBack Swap Shop Club’, encouraging children to share toys to enable them to have new experiences and adventures.

Kelly Philp, Marketing Director Mattel UK, says: “Since launching the Mattel PlayBack scheme in 2021 we have created a number of parent-focused programmes to raise awareness of this initiative, and we are thrilled to now – for the first time – share this with children through an educational resource.

“At Mattel, our purpose is to empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential, and this resource helps children in Britain to explore more sustainable solutions for their outgrown eligible Mattel toys.”

To participate in the Mattel PlayBack programme, consumers can visit Mattel.com/PlayBack, print a free shipping label, and pack and mail their outgrown eligible Mattel toys back to Mattel. Where possible, Mattel recover the materials so they can be reused as recycled content in new products. For materials that cannot be repurposed as recycled content in new toys, Mattel PlayBack will either downcycle those materials into other plastic products or convert them from waste to energy. The programme currently accepts Barbie, Matchbox and MEGA toys for recycling with other brands to be added in the future.

Last month, Mattel announced a new goal to reduce plastic packaging by 25% per product by 2030. This new goal is featured in the company’s 2021 Citizenship Report, which provides a progress update on Mattel’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and established goals.

Mattel’s ESG strategy and goals are organised into three pillars: Sustainable Design and Development; Responsible Sourcing and Production; and Thriving and Inclusive Communities, representing the ESG areas where the company believes it can have the greatest impact.

For more information on the Mattel PlayBack programme, visit Mattel.com/PlayBack. For more information on Mattel’s ESG efforts, visit https://corporate.mattel.com/en-us/citizenship.

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