01 Jun 2022

Join in the fun – indoors and out – with Spin Master Games


Spin Master Games offers a great selection of board games that can be enjoyed by all the family indoors and outdoors, from reimagined family classics such as Giant Clue and Giant Sorry!, to exciting new launches coming soon, including Sink N’ Sand, an exciting kids’ action game that includes Kinetic Sand.

When the quicksand falls will you stand tall? Sink N’ Sand is unlike any other kids game on the market. Featuring the iconic and mega-popular Kinetic Sand, it’s a great addition to your child’s collection of sensory fidget toys. On a wild jungle adventure, the four character pieces are placed on top of the sand. Start by rolling the die and pulling a stick… then all you have to do is not fall into the quicksand! As more and more quicksand falls to the bottom, some explorers will sink with it, eliminating them. Someone lucky will find a Redemption Ruby in the sand to use for another chance at survival. Be the last one standing tall when the quicksand falls to win this fun game.

Another great option for family fun from Spin Master Games is Giant Clue, the classic game of mystery where players must figure out who’s responsible for hijinks in the mansion. Nine mysterious rooms are laid out in a circle, each holding dark secrets inside to discover. Spin the spinner and move to a room by standing beside the room’s large vinyl mat. Move from room to room, collecting matching coloured Suspect, Room, and Tool cards, along with the matching foam Tool, and you’ll solve the case.

Another giant game that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors is SORRY! Giant Edition. In this upscaled version, the family favourite game of Sorry is blown up to a giant size. Start by placing three giant pawns on the corner of the massive vinyl mat game board. Spin the spinner to move the pawns out of the starting area, and then the fun begins as players race to move their pawns around the board, sliding forward on ‘slider spaces’ and occasionally getting knocked back to the start. Be the first player to get three pawns around the board and safely to Home to be crowned the champion. SORRY! Giant Edition is massive, unforgettable fun for get-togethers with friends and family. For 2 to 4 players, and ages 6 and up.

Family games night wouldn’t be complete without Hedbanz. It’s everyone’s favourite game of “What am I?” and is as easy as Pick, Place, Play! Pick your favourite headband and take a picture card without looking at the drawing. Put the headband on and place the card in the headband so the illustration is facing all players. Then, play by asking questions with “yes” and “no” answers as you try to guess what’s on your card! It’s a race against the clock to be the first player to get three scoring badges to win.

Finally, for those who love to be challenged, the fun-filled family trivia game for all ages, Beat the Parents, will have adults and kids battling it out for bragging rights. Parents have to answer questions about kids’ stuff, and kids answer questions parents should know. As teams move across the game board, they’ll encounter wacky challenges they need to complete. Things are bound to get competitive as teams name ice cream flavours, fly paper aeroplanes against each other, have a staring contest and more!


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