01 Jun 2022

UK retail footfall forecast to rise by 8% over the Jubilee bank holiday

Following a modest rise in footfall last week, retail experts Springboard predict the Platinum Jubilee and school half-term holiday will cause footfall in retail destinations to surge by as much as 8% over the bank holiday weekend. Springboard anticipates an uplift of as much as 10% in high streets, 7% in shopping centres and 4% in retail parks.

Over the bank holiday, the weather is forecast to be sunny but not hugely hot on Thursday and Friday, followed by showery weather over the weekend, which generally boosts shopping trips as day trips to beaches and leisure attractions hold less appeal.

In the lead-up to the Jubilee, footfall rose by 2.3% last week across UK retail destinations from the week before, with increases that were broadly similar in all three key destination types (+2.2% in high streets, +2.1% in retail parks and +2.5% in shopping centres). The week started strongly with a rise in footfall of 6.5% on Sunday, but fell away between Monday and Wednesday when rain hit many parts of the UK. The strongest performing day was Friday when the weather was warm and sunny in many locations, with an overall rise of 12.2% from the week before (+16% in high streets, 10.8% in shopping centres and 5.4% in retail parks).

The ongoing shift back to the office by employees for at least some days each week was illustrated by a rise in footfall in Central London of 4.1%, an uplift in Springboard’s Central London “Back to the Office” benchmark of 6%, and by a rise in footfall in city centres outside of the capital of 5.3%. These increases contrasted a flat result in market towns from the week before and a modest increase of just 1.6% in Outer London, where rises in both are indicative of home working.

With the ongoing movement of employees back into offices, footfall in market towns was 19.4% below the 2019 level versus 15.5% below 2019 in city centres outside of London and -18.9% in the capital itself – the seventh consecutive week when the gap in footfall from 2019 in market towns was greater than in city centres. Across the three key destination types, the gap from the 2019 footfall level widened marginally last week to -16.1% from -15% in the week before.


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