15 Jun 2022

ToyNews acquired by Toy World

ToyNews and its sister title Licensing Biz have been acquired by Alakat Publishing, the publisher of Toy World.

The agreement will see both titles being taken over by Toy World following a brief handover period, after which ToyNews will no longer be published in print or online. However, Licensing.biz will continue as a news-focused website.

For editorial enquiries during the handover period and beyond, contact Rachael Simpson-Jones rachael@toyworldmag.co.uk or Sam Giltrow sam@toyworldmag.co.uk (both on 01442 502406).

Licensing news can still be forwarded to Tessa Clayton tessa.clayton@biz-media.co.uk until the handover is complete.

For advertising enquiries, contact Mark Austin on 07710 532952 – mark@toyworldmag.co.uk.


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