27 Aug 2023

Jurassic World Puzzle with 3,000 Pieces and Lots of Dinosaurs « Toy Blog

Aquarius has announced a huge new puzzle inspired by the Jurassic World movie franchise for anyone looking to go crazy riding dinosaurs.

The Jurassic World 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle reproduces an illustration with dozens of 25 dinosaurs, of different terrestrial and flying types, gathered in a cage in the park with a waterfall from Isla Nublar in the background and the movie logo in the upper corner. The puzzle has an advanced assembly level not only because of the number of pieces, but also because it has similar colors in similar shades.

The puzzle has 3,000 pieces printed on anti-reflective paper and cut using a precision technique that ensures a perfect fit, leaving very little dust. It has been officially licensed and once assembled it measures 82cm by 1.14m.

The Jurassic World 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is set to go on pre-order soon.

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Via NMR/Aquarius.

Jurassic World Puzzle with 3,000 pieces and lots of Dinosaurs


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