02 Sep 2023

Victorious LoL Skins: All Now Released (UPDATED)

As victorious LoL skins are unique and special to anyone who has played the MOBA. They are given to a select group of players who have dedicated themselves and overcome various challenges during a competitive season, which is why today we are going to talk a little more about them.

Do you want to know more how to conquer yours and which LoL champions have already won a victorious skin? Well come with us!

How to get LoL victorious skin

The reason that makes victorious LoL skins so “coveted” is because there is only one way to earn them within the game, which is through ranked queues.

In the past, ranked Gold or higher was required in ranked matches in LoL, but Riot has changed that system. It is now possible to get the victorious skin in LoL through Stage Points.

For each victory you earn 10 Stage Points, and each defeat earns you 6 Stage Points. For those at the Gold link or higher, only 80 points are needed, while those below gold need 1600 points.

That is, for those who previously managed to reach Gold, the new system will not change much, but for those who are stuck in Iron, Bronze, or Silver, it is still possible to guarantee the victorious skin in LoL.

List of victorious LoL skins

Next, we’ll bring all the skins in that category below, in chronological order.

Jarvan IV — 2011 Season (Season 1)

Jarvan IV Victorious LoL Skin in 2011. Photo: Playback/Riot Games

Janna — Season 2012 (Season 2)

LoL Victorious Janna Skin
Janna Skin Winner of LoL in 2012. Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Elise — Season 2013 (Season 3)

LoL Victorious Elise Skin
Elise Skin Victorious of LoL in 2013. Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Morgana — 2014 Season (Season 4)

LoL Victorious Morgana Skin
Morgana Skin Winner of LoL in 2014. Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Sivir — Season 2015 (Season 5)

LoL Victorious Sivir Skin
Sivir Skin Winner of LoL in 2015. Photo: Playback/Riot Games

Maokai — Temporada de 2016 (Season 6)

LoL Victorious Maokai Skin
Maokai Skin Winner of LoL in 2016. Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Graves — 2017 Season (Season 7)

LoL Victorious Skin Graves
Graves LoL Victorious Skin in 2017 (Image: Disclosure/Rio Games)

Orianna — Season 2018 (Season 8)

LoL Victorious Orianna Skin
LoL’s Victorious Orianna Skin in 2018 (Image: Disclosure/Rio Games)

Aatrox — Season 2019 (Season 9)

Aatrox Skin Vitoriosa do LoL
Aatrox Skin Victorious from LoL in 2019 (Image: Disclosure/Rio Games)

Lucian — Season 2020 (Season 10)

Lucian Skin Vitoriosa do LoL
Lucian Skin Winner of LoL in 2020 (Image: Disclosure/Rio Games)

Blitzcrank — Season 2021 (Season 11)

Blitzcrank Skin Vitoriosa do LoL
LoL Victorious Blitzcrank Skin in 2021(Image: Disclosure/Rio Games)

Sejuani – Season 2022 (Season 12)

Sejuani Vitoriosa skin image in LoL
Sejuani skin Victorious from LoL in 2022 (Image: Disclosure / Rio Games)

Anivia – 2023 Season – Split 1 (Season 13)

Image of the Anivia Vitoriosa skin in LoL
Anivia LoL Victorious skin in 2023 (Image: Disclosure / Rio Games)

Is it possible to buy the victorious skins?

It is not possible to buy victorious skins in LoL. As we mentioned above, the only way for you to get a victorious skin is to reach Gold rank or higher in ranked.

It is also not possible to redeem victorious skins from previous years. That’s why they are so exclusive!

Check out some tips to level up and conquer these rare skins. We separate the main points for you to keep an eye on the League of Legends ranked matches and conquer the next ones victorious LoL skins!

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