28 Sep 2023

leak has new Series X, purchase of Nintendo and more

One of the biggest leaks in Microsoft history happened this Tuesday (19). Several uncensored company documents were released in the FTC vs. Microsoft, including emails and images that reveal negotiations to purchase Nintendo and the launch of a novo Xbox Series X em 2024.

Additionally, a list of games has also been leaked, indicating what we can expect from the future of the Xbox platform. Among the titles, there are remasters of Bethesda classics, such as Fallout 3 e Elder Scrolls IV — in addition to new iterations, such as Doom Year Zero.

Without further ado, check out everything about the leak in the special Voxel about the case!

New 2024 Xbox Series X

The main revelation is the new Microsoft console, an updated and cheaper version of the Xbox Series X. It would offer the same performance as the high-end console, but housed in a cylindrical body, without a disc reader and with lower power consumption.

The new Xbox Series X would be built in a cylindrical shape using 100% recycled material.Source: Microsoft

The model would be a cheaper alternative to the traditional Xbox Series Xoffering 2 TB of internal storage, USB-C input, better connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 for better accessory pairing.

According to the leaked image, Microsoft’s new video game would have identical performance to the most powerful console in the Series family, but with a 15% less powerful PSU (source) and a 20% more economical standby mode. The entire construction would be made from recycled material.

The documents point out that the new console would initially be sold for US$499 (R$2,400, in direct conversion)the same price charged at the debut of the Xbox Series X in 2020.

New Microsoft control

O new console would be accompanied by an unprecedented controller, known internally as “Sebille”. The accessory would be focused on more immersive gameplayfeaturing an accelerometer for gyroscope support, more precise haptic feedback, quieter and more modular buttons and analog sticks.

The new Xbox controller would be focused on providing a more immersive experience.Source: Microsoft

The device would be built with a replaceable internal battery, eliminating the need for batteries, but without complicating the maintenance process. This would be the first Xbox controller to feature the new feature.

New generation of Xbox planned for 2028

The documentation suggests that Microsoft plans to launch the next generation of Xbox consoles in 2028. The company’s future platform focuses on achieving “full convergence” between cloud gaming and physical hardware in order to deliver “hybrid cloud gaming.”

Microsoft plans to launch the new generation of consoles in 2028.Microsoft plans to launch the new generation of consoles in 2028.Source: Microsoft

“Our vision: to develop a next-generation power hybrid gaming platform capable of leveraging the combined power of the client and the cloud to deliver deeper immersion and entirely new classes of gaming experiences,” one of the leaked presentation slides points out.

The idea would be similar to what exists in Microsoft Flight Simulatora game that mixes data downloaded directly from the internet in real time with graphics produced by the computer or console.

Microsoft plans to operate in several gaming segments simultaneously.Microsoft plans to operate in several gaming segments simultaneously.Source: Microsoft

This future generation would require agreements with AMD to produce Navi 5 graphics chips, as well as Zen 6 processors. ARM components would also be under consideration, which raises suspicions of a portable console.

One slide also suggests that the console would have NPUs (Neural Processing Unit), dedicated cores for artificial intelligence and machine learning. The hardware would guarantee a series of benefits, including supersampling, latency compensation, frame interpolation and more.

The company’s schedule indicates that the development of the new hardware will begin in 2024 and the first development kits would arrive in 2027 (one year before the new generation).

‘Switch-style’ controller for cloud gaming

The paperwork points to the development of controls focused on cloud gaming. One of the images reveals a controller for a single hand and a pair with a traditional layout for streaming games — similar to the layout present on the Switch.

Microsoft's portable controller would be an accessory for cloud gaming.Microsoft’s portable controller would be an accessory for cloud gaming.Source: Microsoft

Microsoft considers buying Nintendo and Valve

In emails leaked in the documentation, the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, confessed to being interested in buying Nintendo. “Nintendo is the main asset for us in the gaming sector,” he said in a message. “Managing to buy Nintendo would be a career moment, and I honestly believe it will be a good move for both companies”he added.

Acquiring Nintendo would be a milestone for his career, said Phil Spencer.Acquiring Nintendo would be a milestone for his career, said Phil Spencer.Fonte:  GettyImages

Until this merger takes place, Microsoft seems interested in strengthening ties with its rival. “I had countless conversations with LT [equipe de liderança] from Nintendo about closer collaboration and I feel like if any US company took a chance on Nintendo we would probably be in the best position“, these Spencer.

Valve, owner of Steam and manufacturer of the Steam Deck, was also in Microsoft’s sights. Spencer mentions that the giant’s board of directors “has seen a full article on Nintendo and Valve” and supports any acquisition opportunities if they arise.


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