29 Sep 2023

Switch 2 should have ‘similar’ performance to PS4, says report

There is a lot of speculation about Nintendo’s next console — and it looks like it could debut with an unprecedented leap in performance for the company. After several rumors took over the networks at the beginning of the month, a recent report published by The Verge indicates that the device will have “similar” performance to the PS4 and Xbox One.

According to information from the vehicle, some Activision executives, including CEO Bobby Kotick, met with Nintendo on December 15 last year to talk about the new generation video game. As one of the internal emails suggests, the performance of the new Switch will be close to that of the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Given the closer alignment of Gen 8 platforms in terms of performance and our previous offerings on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s reasonable to assume that we could make something compelling for the next-gen Switch as well,” reads an excerpt from the document released by The Verge.

Internal email from Activision talking about the Switch 2.Fonte:  The Verge

Nintendo sets the stage for the Nintendo Switch 2

Details of the briefing were forwarded to Bobby Kotick ahead of his meeting with Big N President Shuntaro Furukawa on December 15th. It is also worth remembering that a few days earlier Microsoft closed an agreement with the Japanese giant to bring Call of Duty to the Switch during a 10-year window — if the Activision acquisition is approved.

With this meeting taking place in the midst of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, it is safe to assume that Nintendo is already preparing the ground for the Switch 2 to receive a robust catalog of games — including the franchise Call of Dutyone of the most played currently.

Finally, it is worth remembering that both the VGC as the Eurogamer claim that Nintendo’s next console will be released sometime in 2024 — although this has not been officially confirmed to date.

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