30 Sep 2023

artzin and mazin will be on MIBR in 2024

O MIBR directed the hiring of artzin, ex-Legacy e mazin, ex-FURY to compose the cast of VALUING for 2024, according to information from The Enemy and confirmed by More Esports. The organization carried out several tryouts with names like: Xand, qck e havoc, but decided to maintain the 2023 core for next year.

(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Among the teams that are in the franchise league, MIBR was the one that performed the largest number of tryouts. However, according to the information, the organization chose to keep the trio of frz, jzz e RglMwhich was a priority bzkA. Furthermore, frz and jzz were not present in all the tests, but will remain in the cast.

With the hiring process underway, MIBR will have the following lineup in 2024:

  • at least
  • adult
  • French
  • RglM
  • jzz
  • bzkA (coach)

artzin: from the VCB to the Franchise League

In the squad, the only player who left the Challengers Brasil for the VCT Americas It is at least The player was part of the Stars Horizon until November 2022, when he joined Legacy (formerly 00Nation) and was runner-up in the VCB. Now, he leaves the organization, which will not make it difficult for him to leave.

MIBR no VCT Americas

The squad did not have the best performance in the 2023 season, MIBR started the year in VCT LOCK//IN and fell in the first match against Talon Esports. No VCT Americas, the Brazilian team also did not demonstrate consistency and finished the championship in penultimate position. Therefore, he did not qualify for any international event.

MIBR Positioning

Our reporter contacted MIBR, which issued the statement: “MIBR will not comment on negotiations at this time.”

(Photo: Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira

published in September 28, 2023


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