02 Oct 2023

Vivo Keyd Stars leaves competitive

The finalization of the calendar VALUING in the 2023 season, it resulted in the exit of some organizations from investing in the competitive scenario. O More Esports found that the I live Keyd Stars decided to leave the sport, the information was first given by Noyn.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Vivo Keyd Stars was one of the organizations that participated in the Challengers Brasilbut with the end of the season and also with dissatisfaction with Riot’s planning put the players on the bench.

Furthermore, VKS decided to stop investing in VALORANT and will give the place to players pollo, krain, pleats e Marlow as a coach. According to the information, the organization chose to leave Riot’s FPS after dissatisfaction with the developer’s plans for 2024.

After some meetings with the players, Keyd chose not to invest as they believe there will not be a positive return.

Vacancy for Vivo Keyd Stars players

Unlike some organizations that choose to sell the spot, VKS decided to give it to the core of players, which currently has pleets, pollo and krain. Furthermore, Shion should join the players looking for a fifth to complete the line-up.

The trio held tryouts with scissors and should also test askwhich was quoted for the KRÜ, but the talks did not advance and the organization maintained Klaus.

VKS positioning

Our reporter contacted the organization, which decided not to comment at the moment.

Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games
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