08 Oct 2023

fRoD is out of LOUD and Peu is favorite for 2024, says website

A LOUD will reformulate its squad for 2024 after leaving quotation marks of the organization. Furthermore, fRoD will not remain on the team and LOUD decided not to renew the contract with the coach, according to information from The Enemy. Littletwo-time champion coacha The Union is the favorite to replace the North American.

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fRoD out of LOUD for 2024

According to the publication, even with communication problems, the coach had good evaluations from the LOUD staff, however, some players had different opinions about fRoD.

Furthermore, the organization considered maintaining stk as Head Coach at the beginning so the players could understand what fRoD was considering doing, but Less had some friction on and off the server with the coach.

Stk will continue at LOUD

The information shows that STK will remain on the technical committee and the intentions are to opt for contract renewal.

LOUD still needs to decide who will be the team’s new coach and the strong candidate for the 2024 game plan is Littlewho was a coach at The Union, team that was two-time Brazilian Challengers champion.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

qck possible name of LOUD

The 20-year-old recently left FURIA and appeared as one of the names that carried out tests in the organization. Furthermore, his experiences and skills made him one of the favorites to join LOUD. However, information indicates that the cast also considered new names.

If the hiring takes place, LOUD will have the following lineup in 2024:

  • Less
  • Saadhak
  • Tuyz
  • cauanzin
  • qck
  • Peu (coach)
  • pcs (assistants)
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