09 Oct 2023

see 7 tips to do well in the free shooter

It’s time! Counter-Strike 2 was finally released. The long-awaited update to Valve’s classic shooter takes advantage of the franchise’s DNA in a new way, with new features and mechanics to enhance gameplay and attract the attention of new players.

It’s a tactical shooter in which communication, strategy and good aim are extremely important to overcome the enemy team and plant the bomb. However, to become a good football player CS2it is important to follow some basic principles.

7 tips to do well in CS2

If you are a new player or returning to the game after a long hiatus, here are a series of tips to do well in Counter-Strike 2, which can be played on your computer for free right now!

7. Learn to move

If you are a gamer CS For a first timer, you need to know that it is not like other more frantic FPS. Unlike titles like Call of Duty, The basic rule of the game is not to walk while shootingbecause if you walk, your shots rarely hit the target.

One of the basic principles of Counter-Strike and the strafing, which is basically walking from one side to another to try to evade your opponent’s aim. The process consists of pressing “A” (left) or “D” (right) repeatedly to avoid being targeted by your enemies, whether in the open field or behind cover.

There is also the counter-strafing, which is a similar concept but for improving your weapon’s accuracy. The technique is basically tapping the opposite direction button to the movement to stop your character’s movement and get 100% accuracy faster.

So, for example, if you are walking left (“A”) and come across an enemy, you would have to press “D” to move in the opposite direction and stop moving and then shoot. To be successful, this process must happen in milliseconds — and practice makes perfect.

6. Know the maps

Counter-Strike is a deep tactical game and one of the most important tips for doing well in the game is learn map layout. To do this, it is interesting to try matches against bots or watch videos of the game, aiming to understand the best tactics, which paths to take and what are the main points of exchange of fire.

Understanding the layout of CS2 maps is essential for good communication and a game without surprises.Source: Valve

The players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you won’t feel much difference in CS2but it is advisable for those who have never tried Valve’s title.

5. Learn to shoot

Just like its predecessor, Counter-Strike 2 values ​​more tactical players, so to be a good player you shouldn’t go shooting around without control. In addition to being stationary, understanding how the recoil of each weapon works is essential for a good exchange of fire.

Shooting in CS2 takes practice.Source: Valve

Every weapon in Counter-Strike 2 It has a distinct recoil pattern and there are several ways to practice it. You can go into a custom match alone and shoot at the wall to understand how the weapon behaves and then practice against bots — or go straight to regular matches.

Recoil control CS It’s an advanced tactic and players can take a long time to fully understand how each weapon works. Therefore, be patient with your learning and understand that the ideal is to fire small bursts instead of firing without control.

4. Communication is essential

Em Counter-Strike 2 You will communicate (a lot) with your allies. The dynamics of the game value a well-coordinated team and your allies need you to make clear calls about where you are going, what you intend to do and where your enemies are positioned.

You need to know the map to know where your friends are.You need to know the map to know where your friends are.Source: Valve

Therefore, in addition to it being important to have a microphone available to play, consider talking to your colleagues while playing (whether friends or players found on the server) to suggest strategies, ask for tips or let them know where enemies are. In this case, it is extremely important to have a good knowledge of the map, since it is based on the nicknames that you know where to point out your opponents’ position.

3. Keep your ears open

A Hearing is one of the most important senses for CS2. You may not be able to see your enemy, but if you can hear his footsteps, you will know the direction in which he is walking and predict his next step.

Having good ears is important to understand enemy positioning without exposing yourself.Having good ears is important to understand enemy positioning without exposing yourself.Source: Valve

Therefore, having a headset is important in the game. Over time, you also learn when it is necessary to walk instead of run to avoid being detected by opponents, in addition to learning to use noise to distract. Remember: information is the key to victory.

2. Learn to manage your savings

Just like in CS:GO, CS2 has its own economy. Each round, you must buy the equipment you lost (if you died) or spent to reproduce a tactic.

However, your money is not infinite. If your team loses, you earn less money than if you had won the last round, so it’s important to know when to buy and when to save, to avoid the entire team being short on weapons at important moments.

1. Understand utility equipment

The soul of CS2 are the utilities: you can buy fragmentation, smoke or light grenades to kill or distract enemies. AND It is important to understand the proposal of each of the utilitieshow and when to use them, thus allowing you to be an obstacle to opponents, but not to your allies.

Take action

Now that you know what you need to learn to do well in CS2, all that’s left to do is start shooting. Invite friends or discover new colleagues on the servers to make the most of the title.

At the moment, CS2 is available for free on PC via Steam. You can check out more information about the title in this other Voxel article.


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