20 Oct 2023

Board Game Chucky, Child’s Play « Toy Blog

Trick or Treat Studios has put up for pre-order a horror board game inspired by the Chucky, Child’s Play franchise that started in 1988.

The Chucky Board Game comes with a board with crime scenes, different locations and the infamous final encounter with the killer toy.

Each player must gather evidence about the mysterious murders that are taking place. This will give them skills to roll the dice and perhaps deal with an encounter with Chucky himself at the end of each round. After 3 rounds, the player who best overcomes these challenges will be declared the “survivor” winner.

The officially licensed Chucky Board Game also comes with 30 evidence cards, 8 bloodlust cards and 6 Final Stage cards, as well as victim and survivor tokens, 4 dice, 4 survivor cards and a Chucky figure.

It is suitable for 2 to 4 players, over 14 years of age and has an average duration of 60 minutes. The game was designed by Banana Chan, Eric Slauson, Yeonsoo Julian Kim with illustrations by Dug Nation.

The Chucky Board Game board game costs US$59.95 on direct pre-order from the Trick or Treat Store.

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Via Bloody Disgusting.

Chucky the Child's Play Board Game

Chucky the Child's Play Board Game

Chucky the Child's Play Board Game

Chucky the Child's Play Board Game


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