25 Oct 2023

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2? See the character’s story in the game

One of the main mysteries created by the Spider-Man 2 trailers is: who is Venom in the PS5 game? The symbiote of alien origin appears in the first game trapped in a kind of incubator with Harry Osborn and, at some point in the new title, ends up in Peter Parker’s body. However, how does this happen?

Below, Voxel explains how Venom appears in Spider-Man 2how the universe of the new game is inspired by other media from the friendly neighborhood and how the story develops in the newest game in the franchise. Be aware: the following text contains spoilers. Follow at your own risk.

Where does the symbiote come from in Spider-Man 2?

The history of Spider-Man 2 takes place around the arrival of Kraven, the hunter, and the return of Harry Osborn, now healthy and free from the terminal illness that killed his mother. The source of his vitality, however, is an experimental treatment found on an alien organism found in a meteorite years earlier.

The Spider-Man 2 symbiote has alien origins.Source: Sony

Norman Osborn, in an endless search for a cure for his son’s illness, tracks the meteorite before it even reaches Earth’s atmosphere. When the object finally reaches the ground, he leads an Oscorp team to search for the symbiote, along with Dr. Curt Conors who, in the first contact with the extraterrestrial, loses his arm.

Alien symbiote is cure for Harry’s illness

In the first Spider-Man, Harry appears trapped in an incubator inside Norman Osborn’s apartment. At the end of the game, the mayor of New York speaks to his son and reveals the symbiote’s activity. The same also happens in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The symbiote is the cure for Harry Osborn’s terminal illness.Source: Sony

Apparently, the treatment was successful, as in Spider-Man 2 Harry appears completely healthy. The young man doesn’t even need to walk with the help of canes, and can even ride a bike with Peter Parker.

Before long, Harry discovers that Your healing also grants you special powers, such as super strength and super resistance.. The symbiote becomes a kind of special suit, protecting it from the main threats, such as blows and heat.

Harry Osborn is Venom

At one point in the story, the symbiote leaves Harry and chooses Peter Parker as its host, to avoid the death of the neighborhood friend. This ends up transforming him into a significantly more powerful, resistant and angry Spider-Man.

When returned to Harry Osborn's body, the symbiote takes on its final form and becomes Venom.When returned to Harry Osborn’s body, the symbiote takes on its final form and becomes Venom.Source: Sony

Possibly, Peter gets rid of the symbiote and traps it in a special capsule and promises to destroy the alien.. Inside Oscorp, however, Harry Osborn waits for his friend to arrive and, in an accident, breaks the capsule containing the symbiote, absorbing it in the process. Then, Harry Osborn becomes Venom in his final form.

Harry Osborn’s transformation into Venom was already expected by some fans of the game. Still, the narrative line marks a big novelty for the teioso universe, as this is one of the few times that Peter’s friend takes on the role of the anti-hero.

Before that, Harry’s most striking transformation into Venom took place in the Spider-Man Ultimate cartoon. In theaters, the character is currently the alter-ego of Eddy Brock, who will take on the mantle of Venom again in the third film in the Sony franchise.

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