27 Oct 2023

Who is Wraith? Meet the Spider-Man 2 character

Spider-Man 2 has a large lineup of super villains known from the neighborhood stories, and since the trailers, the identities of some of them have been kept secret. Now that the game has finally been released, Voxel explains the origin of one of these surprise appearances: Wraith.

It is obvious that this text will have Major spoilers for Spider-Man 2’s story and how it develops the franchise’s character arc. From here on, you view the content at your own risk.

Yuri Watanabe is removed from the police after being accused of abuse of authority.Source: Sony

Who is Wraith in Spider-Man 2?

Wraith is something of a New York antihero. Unlike Spider-Man, she doesn’t worry about keeping her enemies alive or capturing them for the police. She wears a purple uniform and her weapons are blades attached to her arms by chains.

In Spider-Man 2 it is revealed that Wraith’s secret identity is Yuri Watanabe, the former police captain who is friends with Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man. In the first game, it was revealed that Yuri had a strong sense of justice and was penalized several times for misconduct — mostly for using excessive force against criminals.

Hammerhead provokes Yuri to the point where the police officer loses her temper and swears revenge.Source: Sony

The most memorable moment was during the war against the Maggia gang, an arc in Spider-Man’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC. During one of the missions to find Hammerhead’s base, Yuri’s team is massacred by criminals. Then, shaken by the incident, Yuri becomes involved in a manhunt for the gang leader and is removed from the New York police.

Yuri Watanabe turns Wraith

Remnants of the Maggia gang seek to solve Yuri’s whereabouts, trying to find her anywhere, even her therapist, who ends up dead after interrogation. So, on a journey of revenge, Yuri runs after his tormentor and murders him, revealing the location of the body only to Spider-Man.

In his final speech, Yuri states that the justice system is not always efficient in containing criminals and that this is unacceptable. In a sadistic comment, the former police officer reveals that it was good to kill the Maggia member, denies any support from Peter and says goodbye, without revealing her plans.

The emergence of the antiheroine

In Spider-Man 2, Wraith appears during the side missions of the “The Flame” arc. She appears as an investigator for the sect that awaits the end of the world and a personal rival of the gang leader.

Just like in the comics, she is a kind of anti-heroine. Her insatiable thirst for revenge and her distorted sense of justice make her take pleasure in killing her enemies, unlike Spider-Man.

YuriYuri Watanabe assumes the role of Wraith in Spider-Man

In one of the missions, Wraith acts without the support of Peter Parker and leaves a trail of destruction in the search for the gang leader, previously known as “The Flame”. In the final moments before murdering the criminal, Parker arrives at the premises and prevents his former colleague from committing the murder, generating a confrontation between the two.

However, in the final moments, Wraith decides to cooperate with Spider-Man by saving the hero’s life from an explosion set up by Flame.

At the end of the last mission of the arc, Yuri reveals that the sect leader assumes several names to mislead police intelligence — among them, Cletus Kassady. The criminal manages to escape with a sample of the symbiote obtained by Oscorp, leaving an open space for a new villain: Carnage.

Spider-Man and Wraith define a truce and it is possible to find the vigilante fighting criminals on the streets of New York from time to time, still with that sober sense of humor.

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