01 Nov 2023

Promising RPG is coming to PS5 and PC in 2024! We tested Granblue Fantasy: Relink

After a turbulent production period with the change of responsible studio, Granblue Fantasy Relink It never seemed as real as at Brasil Game Show 2023. Produced internally by Cygames itself, the action RPG delves into the universe of the famous gacha for cell phones and delivers a very competent game with the potential to introduce a new generation of players to the franchise.

O Voxel had the opportunity to experience the launch, which arrives on February 1st, for around twenty minutes and tells, in the following lines, the first impressions of Granblue Fantasy Relink no PlayStation 5. Confira:

A new way to play Granblue Fantasy

The demonstration allowed us to try out one of more than a hundred missions that promise to be present in the full version of the game. It portrayed a very small portion of the experience, allowing us to see how combat takes place against common enemies and especially against bosses, which promise to be constant in the experience. There was even a secret boss, who appeared depending on the visitor’s performance.

In short, players are able to select a party of four characters, but only one is user controllable. Despite that, It is worth noting that the full version promises support for online cooperative multiplayer, with each player in command of their own character. They all have a skill tree and unlock new techniques as they level up, leaving room for a lot of customization throughout the campaign.

Cygames’ presence at BGS 2023 was a big surprise, sharing space with NuuvemSource: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

The visuals refer to the anime style for which the franchise is already well known, but something that draws attention are its animations, which are quite fluid and full of particle effects. The graphics are really very pleasant and are also enhanced by the beautiful character design, which ranges from the group of protagonists to the creatures, which are quite inventive.

The commands are also pretty straight to the point. In short, the player has access to a light and heavy attack, which makes use of the character’s special characteristics. By pressing R1, it is possible to access an arsenal of skills that can be both offensive and defensive, and which will probably be customizable according to the user’s preferences. As it was an action RPG, it was also possible to lock onto enemies and perform dodges.

A very competent action RPG

The combat system made a great impression at first, although the characters’ attributes were already pre-defined. As we hit enemies, a stun bar begins to fill until your guard opens. This ensures that the player executes combined attacks to deal a lot of damage, and also features beautiful cinematic scenes.

But of course, button mashing wasn’t the solution to everything. Bosses could deal a lot of damage, so it was necessary to pay attention to their visual cues and understand attack patterns to do well. It’s worth noting that there was also a fairly generous list of selectable characters, including figures like Catherine, Charlotte, Gran, Lancelot, Io, Siegfriedbetween others.

Something that is important to highlight is that I felt the bosses were a bit spongy, that is, they didn’t seem to take much damage from the attacks. Consequently, that made conflicts very time-consuming. However, I believe this has to do with the attributes and equipment of the pre-defined group for the demonstration.

There are chances that this doesn’t reflect the true experience of the game, so just waiting for its release to know for sure. Despite this, it was fun to control the characters and discover their possibilities. I imagine it will be even more interesting in online mode, with each user combining their skills and providing support for the team.

Exquisite localization in Brazilian Portuguese

Another big surprise of the demonstration was the localization in Brazilian Portuguese. This reinforces how Cygames is dedicated to supporting the Brazilian market and this is not lip service, as the texts were very well written.

Given that Granblue Fantasy Relink promises to be a very dialogue-dense game, this certainly comes as good news for enthusiasts. This is also not the first time that the company has dedicated itself to localizing its games, as Granblue Fantasy Versus was also released with support for our language in 2020.

If this year seems almost endless with so many flashy releases, the beginning of 2024 won’t be much different with titles for all tastes. Granblue Fantasy Relink is Definitely a game to put on your radar. Scheduled for release on February 1st, the title is currently confirmed on PS4, PS5 and PC.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink game

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

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