03 Nov 2023

After price increase, OLX estimates increase in sales of used Xbox Series S

OLX believes that sales of used Xbox Series S are expected to increase this end of the year. The reason? The increase of approximately one thousand reais in the price of the new generation “entry” console.

Last week, Microsoft announced that the product would have a new suggested price of R$3,600. Before the readjustment, the Xbox Series S cost around R$2,400, with It has already been found at around R$1,700 in promotions, such as on Black Friday last year.

“What is observed in the market is that when new products are launched or there is news about an increase in the price of an item, as in the case of the Xbox Series S, there is a behavior on the platform of consumers looking for more affordable prices for used options” , explains to Voxel the general director of OLX, Regina Botter.

The Xbox Series S was designed as a cheaper entry-level option for the current generation of consoles (Image: Pedro Truffi/Getty Images)

The executive comments that second-hand products are usually cheaper than similar new ones. According to the person responsible for OLX, many consumers have realized the benefits of buying a used one instead of a new one.

The executive states that the proximity to Black Friday, Christmas and receiving the 13th salary are other factors that would explain a possible increase in sales of used Xbox Series S units.

“The search for more current consoles, given the obsolescence of previous ones, can also motivate platform users to put their old video games on sale. And as savings are a priority for many consumers, it is possible that sales of the Xbox Series S will increase”, he adds.

Used console sales ranking

According to a survey produced by OLX, between January and September the best-selling used video game on the platform was the Xbox One. In second place appears the Xbox 360, while the PlayStation 4 completes the podium in third position.

Despite being launched for almost three years, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series are not in the top positions among the best-selling used devices. The general director of OLX argues that this is due to the fact that the consoles are not yet a good value for money (when comparing new and second-hand).

“Another factor may be the search by collectors for older and more renowned models to complete their collection”, he highlights.

The Xbox One is the best-selling used console on OLX (Image: D. Lentz/Getty Images)

In another survey produced by OLX, the most economical devices are listed. In this regard, Xbox 360, PS4 and Nintendo Switch lead. Check out the surveys produced by OLX below:

Best-selling used consoles on OLX (between January and September 2023)

  • 1. Xbox One;
  • 2. Xbox 360;
  • 3. PS4;
  • 4. Nintendo Switch;
  • 5. Xbox Series S;
  • 6. PS2;
  • 7.PS5;
  • 8. PS3;
  • 9. Nintendo Wii;
  • 10. Xbox Series X.

Most Affordable Pre-Owned Consoles (September 2023)

OLX average price: R$ 359;

New product: R$ 1.308;

% savings: 73%.

OLX average price: R$ 1.531;

New product: R$ 3.00;

% savings: 49%.

OLX average price: R$ 1.476;

New product: R$ 2.100;

% savings: 30%.

OLX average price: R$ 1.653;

New product: R$ 2.200;

% savings: 25%.

OLX average price: R$ 942;

New product: R$ 1.163;

% savings: 19%.

OLX average price: R$ 3.431;

New product: R$ 4.100;

% savings: 16%.

OLX average price: R$ 3.371;

New product: R$ 3.600;

% savings: 6%.


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