03 Nov 2023

see photos comparing size with the original model

The first photos of the PlayStation 5 Slim appeared on the internet recently. The review of Sony’s next-gen console was placed next to the old model, revealing the size difference.

The photos were published by user @phantompainss on X, but the original post was deleted. However, the images were republished by the network and by The Verge journalist, Tom Warren.

See the traditional PS5 and PS5 Slim side by side.Source: @phantompainss/X

The images show the standard PS5 and the new PS5 Slim side by side. The 30% volume difference is evident, with the old model being significantly larger than the revision.

On the front, the main difference is in the USB input, previously the USB-A standard and now USB-C. At the rear, the air outlet has been simplified, but all connections remain identical.

The new model is significantly smaller than the traditional version.Source: Phantompainss/X

The photos show what the removable disk reader will look like on the PS5 Slim. In one of the images shared, the informant confirms the need for an internet connection to install the component.

The air vent on the back of the PS5 Slim is significantly simpler.The air vent on the back of the PS5 Slim is significantly simpler.Source: Phantompainss/X

When does the PS5 Slim launch?

The new edition of the PlayStation 5 does not yet have an official release date, but is expected in November this year in the United States. There is no forecast for the arrival of the console in other countries, including Brazil.

The new model will be available globally and will replace the current version of the PS5. In other words, in the near future, the smaller version should become the new console design standard.


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