04 Nov 2023

Steam rival releases game for free on PC! Redeem now

For a limited time, you can redeem the freezing and scary The Whisperer game for PC on the platform GOG. The point-and-click horror adventure game explores an abandoned cabin in the freezing Canadian countryside in 1814.

The indie game features a dark mood accompanied by atmospheric sounds of howling wind and bonus ASMR (if you like whispers in your ears). The gameplay includes very logical puzzles and first-person inventory management.

The Whisperer is a prequel to The Shispering Valley, a game from the same Chien d’Or studio.Font: GOG

What is the story of the game

Inspired by Scretches and The Dark Eye, The Whisperer puts you to play as Robert, an employee of the North West company, your duty is to investigate the disappearance of the two winterers in the commercial establishment and prevent horrors that plague the place.

The Whisperer involves solving puzzles, discovering locations, and managing inventory, all from a first-person perspective. Short, the title can easily be platinum in 45 minutes.

The game’s atmosphere well conveys the anxiety of solitary exploration, as well as references to Quebec’s regional culture.Source: Steam

Furthermore, the game from Canadian studio Chein D’Or works as a prelude to another point-and-click title from the same developer: The Whispering Valley. The sequel takes place just over 70 years later, in 1886, and deals with the exploration of an abandoned village.

How to rescue The Whisperer?

To guarantee the free game, create your GOG account (or log in to the platform if you already have a registration) and then access this link. Then, go to “Go to giveway” on the screen that will open and then select Add to library. When you do this, the game will be in your list and you can download it whenever you want.

The Whisperer is available until November 1st, at 7pm (Brasília time).The Whisperer is available until November 1st, at 7pm (Brasília time).Source: GOG/Reproduction

But pay attention! Hurry up to grab the offer that will go live today, November 1st at 7pm (Brasília time). After this period, you will need to pay the full price of the game to purchase it.


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