06 Nov 2023

Valve changes rules for the next Major

A new game and new rules. As soon as the Valve think. The developer of CS2 announced changes to the rulebook for Major championships. In addition to renaming the phases of the main competition of the Counter-Strikethe company also changed the seeds of the competition.

Different seed for the CS2 Major

The seed for the next Majors has changed. Valve has decided that team seeds will no longer be determined by the results of RMRs of the regions. From now on, the developer will use its own regional ranking to define seeds.

With the change of seeds, the initial confrontations were also changed. Previously, the best placed team (1st) faced the worst placed team (16th), now this definition will be different. Now, the first in the ranking will face ninth; look.

  • 1ºx 9º
  • 2ºx10º
  • 3ºx11º
  • 4ºx12º
  • 5ºx13º
  • 6ºx14º
  • 7thx15th
  • 8ºx16º
Photo: Stephanie Lindgren/ESL

Other nomenclatures

Valve made other changes, this time to the nomenclature of phases and team status. The company changed the names of the three phases of the Major. Known as Challengers Stage, Legends Stage and Champions Stage, the stages will change their names to Opening, Elimination and Playoffs.

Additionally, teams will no longer be called Contenders, Challengers and Legends to represent the teams’ status in the scene’s main competition. However, Valve has not renamed this issue.

When will the rules be applied?

The changes will accompany the CS scenario. The first Major in the new game’s history will also be the first to have the new rules. The competition will be held by PGL in the city of Copenhagen. The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 will be held between March 17th and 31st, 2024 with US$1.5 million in prizes.

Photo: Josip Brtan/HLTV
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