09 Nov 2023

the 7 best witches and wizards in the gaming world

The world of games allows us to come into contact with various types of characters, and a famous type in RPGs and beyond are the witches. Powerful users of a variety of spells, they enchant a legion of fans in various games and always become a reference for many.

With this in mind and to celebrate Halloween, the team at Voxel Below we have selected 7 of the best witches, wizards and sorcerers that we can find in games. Is your favorite in the relationship?

1. Geralt of Rivia

Geralt can also be seen in The Witcher series.Source: YouTube/Reproduction

You can’t talk about the best wizards in games without mentioning Geralt of Rivia on a list. Protagonist of the series titles The Witcher, he has already starred in three games and even a series that is available on Netflix.

Geralt is a “Witcher”, hunter of witches and monsters, who lives far from the enchantment that the use of magic could bring. Anyone who follows his career in games knows that he is a hunter for hire, and relies on this activity to stay alive and earn a few bucks.

In addition to using magic, he also has other attributes such as superhuman abilities, enhanced vision and more reflexes to make him a combatant ready for various situations.

2. Kamek

Kamek also appears in Mario Kart.Source: Nintendo/Disclosure

Mario’s universe isn’t just made up of Goombas and Koopa Troopas. In his wanderings in the most diverse games, a threat that certainly deserves to be respected is that of Kamek.

Kamek is a powerful wizard in the Mushroom Kingdom, and has been most frequently seen in Yoshi’s Island. In these titles, he proves that he can perform various feats, such as teleporting and even transforming ordinary creatures into giant monsters.

3. Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung uses magic to end the lives of his opponents in Mortal Kombat.Shang Tsung uses magic to end the lives of his opponents in Mortal Kombat.Source: Esports

Shang Tsung is a reference when it comes to sorcery, especially in the new Mortal Kombat 1. The first major villain to be defeated in the franchise Mortal Kombat appeared in other games, and in them we can all see how skilled he is with the use of magic.

Among his main achievements within the fighting game franchise is the possibility of transforming into other characters. Furthermore, he also has the ability to absorb the souls of his victims and, in this way, stay young.

4. Bayonetta

Bayonetta has become a symbol of beauty for many players.Bayonetta has become a symbol of beauty for many players.Source: Nintendo/Disclosure

Bayonetta is the star of one of the most famous franchises involving witches. So it was to be expected that it would also find a place on our list.

One of the character’s differences is that she is not held hostage by the use of her own magic, as she is also capable of attacking with punches, kicks and other movements. Furthermore, she is very far from the concept that wizards are all old and cachecticproving that young people are also interested in using spells.

One of his main feats is the magic to conjure giant monsters capable of helping in battles, something that proves to be very useful in several situations.

5. Pato Donald

Donald Duck shows that magic is important to defend your friends.Donald Duck shows that magic is important to defend your friends.Source: Sony/Disclosure

Donald Duck has appeared in several games, but it was in the franchise Kingdom Hearts that he proved to be an excellent magic user. He is so strong in the Square Enix game that he has even cast a Zettaflare, one of the most powerful spells in the entire Final Fantasy universe.

In the main group of the franchise, Donald is the most focused on the use of spells in combat, having fire, ice and air movements, as well as healing, in his list. He also has charms capable of altering gravity and stopping time, and is always ready to help his friends in difficult situations.

6. Gruntilda

Gruntilda is the stereotypical ugly, green, big-nosed witch.Gruntilda is the stereotypical ugly, green, big-nosed witch.Source: Clownfish/Reproduction

Gruntilda is the main villain of Banjo-Kazooiee makes the true stereotype of the witch. In addition to the pointy hat, she is also the big nose, makes preparations in cauldrons and much more.

The character appeared as antagonist in the two titles starring the duo (Banjo-Kazooie e Banjo-Tooie), but with different purposes in each one.

While in the first game her objective was to steal the beauty of Banjo’s sister, in the other she is only interested in causing chaos in the protagonists’ lives.

7. Flemeth

Flemeth's story involves a great love loss.Flemeth’s story involves a great love loss.Source: Xbox/Reproduction

Directly from the franchise Dragon Age, Flemeth is Morrigan’s mother and a character to be feared during the journey. Do you want proof of this? Her name is mentioned directly when talking about the legends of the Witchers of the Wilds.

According to the story, she left her husband to become romantically involved with a traveling bard. However, she ended up receiving news that her old love was dying and wanted to see her. Innocently, she fell into a plan that ended with the musician’s death.

Driven by hatred, she used her knowledge of magic to kill her husband and also the men who were by her side. Furthermore, she is practically a deity due to the fact that she possesses the spirit of an ancient elf who many believe to be a goddess.

And for you, who are the most powerful wizards in the gaming world? Share your opinion with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.


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