11 Nov 2023

Xbox bans unofficial accessories in its new policy

Unofficial accessories will no longer be compatible with Xbox consoles starting November 12th. Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X users began to be notified about Microsoft’s new policy recently.

The information came from the Xbox error screen number 0x82d60002. “Using unauthorized accessories compromises your gaming experience. For this reason, unauthorized accessories will be blocked starting November 12, 2023,” explains Microsoft.

Unofficial accessories will no longer be compatible with Xbox consoles.Fonte:  GettyImages

With this measure, only official Microsoft accessories and peripherals sold with the “Designed for Xbox” seal will be compatible with the console. Any other device that is not in these groups is at risk of displaying the error message.

Ancient and anti-piracy medicine

One of the possible justifications for the new policy is to curb the use of cheat devices, such as XIM, Cronus Zen and ReaSnow S1. They are used to mask inputs, such as pretending that the mouse and keyboard are a controller, and the use of adapters for third-party controllers, such as DualSense on Xbox.

“Pirated” versions of accessories, such as cheaper controllers, may also end up incompatible with the Xbox. It is important to note, however, that licensed models will not be affected, such as brands including 8BitDo and PowerA, for example.

Side effects of change

Even though the solution focuses on unauthorized products, Microsoft’s measure could also impact legitimate accessories. The measure could prevent the use of Brook Gaming brand converters, used by the fighting game community, for example

For now, Microsoft has not commented on the matter. As the measure will only officially come into force on November 12, there is still time for the company to comment on what happened.

What did you think of the change adopted by Microsoft? It is worth remembering that this was not the only controversial change made by the company recently: the price of the Xbox Series S rose drastically in Brazil before Black Friday, causing users to revolt.

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