12 Nov 2023

VKS wants SeeEl, Toucouille and SMILEY

The transfer window is busier than ever and the Live Keyd is looking for many reinforcements for its LoL squad, which did not perform as well as expected from the line-up.

O More Esports found that the organization talks to SeeElcoach who gained fame on social media for his fans paiN ask the team. Along with him, two foreign names could join the cast.

According to the investigation, the names are ToucouilleFrench and with LCS luggage, and SMILEYa Swede who played mostly in Europe’s regional leagues.

Toucouille, one of the foreign players that Keyd is considering bringing to 2024 (Image: Disclosure)

The situation of former Vivo Keyd players

Largely due to the possible arrival of foreigners, Vivo Keyd put most of its old cast up for sale.

At the moment, four of the team’s five are on the market. GrellMexican jungler, must return to his country of origin and has proposals from All Knights e Estral.

Wheatin turn, was probed by the Liberty, INTZ and the second option of Kaboom in case they are unable Neptune.

Damage, in turn, there was a quick survey of the INTZ, but nothing that has evolved. For the support place, ProDelta is the Warriors’ main target.

Grevthar He’s the only one who still has a chance of staying, if you do not have a proposal that pleases the organization. He is interested in RED Canids, INTZ e Kaboom.

Grevthar may continue at Keyd in 2024 (Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

CBLOL transfer window spreadsheet

This and other information was released exclusively during a live assembly of the spreadsheet with the CBLOL 2024 1st Split casts. See all the movement articles below!

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