16 Nov 2023

Xbox Series S with ‘furry’ controls is sold for a very high price

eBay is a site that is popular with many people looking to purchase rarer items, especially when it comes to games and video games. Proof of this is that, last Monday (6), A rare Xbox Series S unit was sold for US$5,000 (around R$24,000 at current prices).

The console in question is an edition made to celebrate the launch of Sonic 2 – A Movies. It features the fully customized video game and two furry controllers representing Sonic and Knuckles, important characters in the story of this feature film.

A curious detail is that the auction apparently did not catch the attention of many people, since there was only one move. The requested amount was offered on October 31, and there was no other higher offer.

Rare edition of the Xbox Series S was sold on eBay for R$24,000.Source: eBay/Reproduction

Present past forward

Another curious detail about the item is that this specific edition of the Xbox Series S did not go on sale like other special versions. To get your hands on this unit you had to participate in a draw, but this item in question was obtained in a different way.

“I’m selling a custom Xbox Series S branded with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in him. These consoles were given away as part of a raffle, but I received mine because of my work in the gaming industry,” the item description reads.

In the questions and answers section, the seller also mentioned that he could provide information on how he obtained this console. In his words, the item was opened only once to test whether it was working and stored later.

Special edition of the Xbox Series S features a personalized console and furry controls representing Sonic and Knuckles.Source: Comic Book/Reproduction

Other rarities

Contrary to what many think, rare items are not difficult to appear on eBay. This year, for example, we had news of a rare Mega Drive game sold for R$48,000.

The game in question is Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs, and became rare in Europe due to the fact that few units ended up reaching stores. The reason is simple: this version destined for the Old Continent ended up canceled shortly before releasebut a few stores had already received the product and sold copies anyway.

O site Eurogamer It even reported that this version was possibly canceled due to legal issues surrounding the NBA license in the European market. This meant that only 192 copies of the game were sold, but it is estimated that there are currently only 13 units of it.


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