18 Nov 2023

Players choose Brazilian fans as the most passionate

Which country has the craziest and most passionate fans in the world? Counter-Strike? It’s difficult for a casual player to know exactly which country has the most passionate fans. For players, however, it is a little easier, as they travel the world and experience different fan cultures.

In a video published by ESL, players like s1mple e ZywOo answered this question and chose the Brazilian fans as the craziest, in a good way, and passionate fans in the competitive Counter-Strike scene.

Now on pause in his career, s1mple has already experienced the Brazilian fans’ grandstand atmosphere. That’s why he admitted that Brazilian fans have great energy and compared the way they support to a football match.

Definitely Brazil. The energy they put into the crowd is spectacular. It’s like a football game.

Photo: Reproduction/HLTV

ZywOo went the same way. The French legend also chose Brazilians as the most passionate and crazy fans of the game. He recalled the competitions held in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilians. When we were in Rio de Janeiro to compete at IEM Rio 2023, it was insane. In the Major too. It wasn’t just in the playoffs. Before, they were already singing a lot, they were setting the stands on fire. Brazilian fans are crazy.

Photo: Radosław Makuch/HLTV

The Brazilian fans’ way of cheering is different. As the culture of football and the stands is very deep-rooted in the country, this ends up naturally transferring to esports events, guaranteeing a totally different atmosphere to what players are used to in other parts of the world.

Bruno Martins

published in November 16, 2023


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