20 Nov 2023

What is your link with the most players?

The rank with the highest number of active players in the VALUING and the Gold 1. The percentage is 7,45% and represents the total of more than 33 thousand players.

(Photo: Disclosure/tracker.gg)

According to the survey, the majority of players are classified as Gold 1. The number of players at this level corresponds to 7.45% of all Brazilian players.

Furthermore, Speak 1 e Talk 3 close the player level stage, representing respectively 7,4% e 7,3% of all users of the Brazilian server.

According to the developer, the creation of the new link was precisely to improve the distribution and density of ranks to allow players Come on making it easier to qualify in the game.

(Imagem: Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira

published in November 19, 2023

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