25 Nov 2023

CS2: mch about FURIA: “For me it’s disband”

A FURY is going through a bad phase, and the Brazilian community has this in mind. One of the great content creators on the Brazilian scene, mch criticized the Brazilian team. The influencer even suggested disbanding the team.

During the program “The Owners of the Bullet”, mch took a position on the issue of FURIA’s results. For him, the styles of art, trapsN e warsleaders of the cast, clash and leave the team without a direction to follow.

You have quotes from arT saying that you have the FalleN style of seeing the other team’s demos, studying and copying and preparing for something. You have the style, which I assume is the playset coach, and the creative style of arT. It looks like it’s a car with six people inside and the car has three steering wheels and three drivers. I’m not even saying it’s difficult to turn, maestro. It’s difficult to stay on the straight, imagine taking a curve. The car can’t even stay on the straight line.

Photo: Reproduction/HLTV

Furthermore, mch also said that FURIA makes numerous mistakes during matches, causing the team to be punished several times. He also highlighted that CS2 is the version that punishes the most when players do something wrong.

Did FURIA have great international results? Yes. Have you won against good teams? Yes. But it’s a team that has always played with a risky style. FURIA has never been a team that values, that takes its face, that waits and keeps its weapon. FURIA is the exact opposite of that. It’s the ‘knife to the skull’ team in Counter-Strike that punishes mistakes the most of all time.

Finally, mch suggested a disbandment of FURIA. However, he reinforced that the request is not made because the players are bad, but because the team has no prospect of improvement and no clear definition of leadership.

You have a team [FURIA] who is in a car with three steering wheels and who plays aggressively in a CS that punishes mistakes the most. Make mistakes in the game where you can least make mistakes. It’s because of that. For me, it’s disbandment. And it’s not disband because chelo is bad, yuurih is bad, because KSCERATO is bad, FalleN is bad, because guerri is bad. No! All I know is that it looks like a car with three steering wheels, out of control on a straight line.

To change FURIA’s daunting 2023, the team will have a new championship to compete for. On November 30th, the quintet will debut on Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 against the team Complexity, at 9am. This will be another chance for the Brazilian team to make their fans happy.

Photo: Reproduction/HLTV

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