15 Dec 2023

How much would it cost to have all the skins in the game?

In any free-to-play game, skins are usually expensive, and VALUING is no exception to the rule, but it is still more affordable than other FPS, such as Counter-Strike. With hundreds of options available, the question arises: is it worth investing in? For those with money to spare, purchasing all the skins in the game can be a tempting option.

How much would it cost to have all the VALORANT skins?

If you decided to buy all 425 skins available in the game store, this would cost 816.150 VP or R$ 36.648,74. If we added the cost of each battle pass collection, we would have more 273 skins at a cost of R$ 942,75.

Finally, if you purchased the 9 skins of the inherited collection, the total cost would increase by R$ 1.643,64. Therefore, the total value of owning all skins in VALORANT would be approximately staggering: R$ 39.235,13.

(Image: Reproduction/Twitter)

While this appears to be a high price for all skins, it is unlikely that anyone will choose this method to build their collection. Riot regularly makes the Night Market in the game, reducing the value of skins. Furthermore, every 24 hoursthere is a selection of skins available in the rotating store.

Additionally, via the official Riot Games website you can find out how much you’ve already spent on the game with all the skins you’ve acquired since your first purchase.

Observation: The values ​​mentioned are subject to change, as the skins market can be influenced by events, promotions and adjustments made by the game developer.

Capsules for VALORANT franchise teams in 2024

To conclude, Riot Games is preparing to raise the bar even further in 2024 with the release of team packs from VALORANT Champions Tour. These bundles will allow users to purchase skins from their favorite teams, to generate a new source of revenue for organizations.

Check out the current price of skins in VALORANT (Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
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