27 Dec 2023

What is Tarkov Arena? Discover the game and see how to play

The newest game from the Battlestate Games studio is Escape From Tarkov: Arena. The title is an independent project from the developer that inherits practically all of the survival mechanics from the Escape From Tarkov traditional, but in alternative and faster game modes.

Escape From Tarkov: Arena embraces the dynamics of the most popular FPS, placing players on smaller maps with specific objectives to win rounds and matches. Check out a brief preview of the new feature, which is now available for testing, in the video below:

The game’s maps are all in secret areas of Tarkov and the event is hosted by a mysterious host. Most of the survival mechanics, such as the damage and healing system, weapons and other details are present, providing the same experience as the traditional mode, but at a more frantic pace.

Virtually all of the survival mechanics from the original game are in Arena.Fonte:  Battlestate Games

What are the game modes in Tarkov Arena?

Currently, there are four game modes in Escape From Tarkov: Arena. Are they:

  • Shootout: duel between solo players, duos or trios in which the player needs to eliminate the opposing team to win;
  • Teamfight: two teams of five players face each other. Whoever manages to dominate the map objective or eliminate the opposing team wins;
  • Overrun: a team of five players needs to protect the area from computer-controlled enemies and evacuate to the safe zone;
  • Last Hero: the “all against all” of Escape From Tarkov: Arena. The one with the most eliminations at the end of the time wins;

According to the official website, the “Duel” mode is in preparation. For now, there is no information about this mode and when it will be released to current players.

Fights take place in secret Tarkov locations, so players familiar with Extraction mode will feel right at home. The maps are Sawmill, Bay5, Air Pit and Equator, but The Bow, The Box and Resort are in preparation.

There are four game modes available in Arena currently.Fonte:  Battlestate Games

Cross progression

Within Escape From Tarkov: Arena, the player must choose one of the pre-determined positions to compose a team. Each of them has specific capabilities, such as focusing on combat (“Assault”) or long-range kills (“Sniper”).

Arena weapons and add-ons are the same as in Extraction mode and fortunately, the game offers cross-progression between titles. If you win matches in Arena mode and accumulate experience, skills, and weapon proficiency, this carries over to extraction, and vice versa.

Currently, Arena also offers ranked matches, in which you compete for recognition between players. As in other titles, matches in this format are taken more seriously.

How to play Tarkov Arena?

Just like your older brother, Escape From Tarkov: Arena is available in closed beta since December 17th for players who pre-purchased the title. However, in this case, invitations are released in batches, so it is possible that you will not have the opportunity to discover the new game at the first moment.

As we explained here, Escape From Tarkov and Tarkov Arena are not available on Steam. Therefore, to purchase the games in a single purchase, it is necessary to complete the procedure on the developer’s website, which allows you to download the titles directly to your PC.

If you were one of those invited to the beta, just download the game that is currently being tested. To do this, you need to access the launcher Escape From Tarkov and choose the Escape From Tarkov: Arena in the side section.


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