27 Jan 2024

Sett Support appears in the league and could be an option for your ranked

If you are the type of player who seeks to innovate or want to have competitive influences to use in ranked and/or in your clash, the Sett Support is an option for you! The choice appeared in LPL 2024 using a new item and it proved to be very efficient.

Sett Support at LPL 2024

Sett Support’s choice appeared in the first round of the LPL 2024in game 3 of the series between RNG x EDG. Check the numbers:

And the principle of a champion is very basic: being an initiator for your team. With this, Sett benefits greatly from the new item, the Pathfinder.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Why is Sett support good?

The premise is simple: your Q gives you 30% Movement Speed ​​for 1.5s when there is a visible enemy nearby. This means that, with the item, you will receive flat Movement Speed ​​(+20 Movement Speed) outside the % of your Q and this will be passed on to your team at 15%.

With this, Sett can move towards his enemies quickly and create an opening for his allies to also advance. Another point is that your first Attack will cause 50% Slow, making it easier to hit E right after, which also causes slows (although they do not accumulate).

If you applied so much slow, you might as well go behind your target and throw him to your team. Or throw it at the opposing team and do even more damage. Remembering that: the more Maximum Health the target has of Sett’s ult, the more damage he does to opponents.

Zeke’s Convergence is also a good choice

If you want to go after your opponents, there’s nothing better than Zeke’s Convergence, as you can deal Magic Damage and Slow your opponents and generate even more fighting space.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

A last efficient item is the Frozen heartsince it’s cheap and gives you great Attributes.

How to play with Sett Support

Something important to note if you want to do Sett Support is that you need to be patient. Most of the time you want to face another Melee support and take advantage of it. You may not do as much Crowd Control as a Rell, but you can definitely do a lot more damage.

Check out this play by Ming, in 2021, which exemplifies this route concept well:

And it’s no surprise that the choice in the LPL was precisely against several melee characters.

Good ADCs to play with Sett support

Speaking of characters, Sett Support has some very specific choices as a duo: the first of them, which was the LPL choice, the Kalista.

The champion takes advantage of the space that Sett gains a lot, and is perhaps one of the best characters to use the Ult’s combo. Do you know the play we mentioned above? To play on everyone on the other team? Imagine the possibility of returning to Kalista’s Ult and continuing to fight.

Other good options at the moment are: Tristanawhether in Bot or Mid and also the Ziggs on the Bot, to create “confirmation” situations – like with Sett’s E, which gives Slow and Stun, and then it’s easy for Ziggs to hit his skills.

Ranked numbers

In ranked, according to the website LoLalytics, the champion is not as popular nor as winning. If we use the cutout of all links, Sett only appears in 5% of queuesand your choice of support are just 8% of this appearance and with a victory percentage of 47%.

One point that can motivate you is: the choices in ranked are very different from the competitive choices, so it’s worth testing. Check out:

Sett's build in ranked matches
Image: Reproduction/LoLalytics

Notice how they prioritize Sett’s build a lot as fighter – even playing support. Compare with item choices from RNG Ming:

Sett's RNG Ming Build Support against EDG
Image: Reproduction/EsportsOPGG

Here we already see a big difference, right? A choice of speeches e items more thinking about usefulness. So, maybe this is the best way for you to test Sett Support with your duo.

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