04 Feb 2024

“They put together the NA dream team”, says mw about debut opponent

A FURY debut against NRG on February 16th, at 7pm, Brasília time, at KICKOFF Americas. At the press conference, questioned by More Esports about Group A, where the squad is, mwduelist from the Brazilian squad spoke about the pressure from the opponents.

(Photo: FURIA)

FURIA debuts against NRG, the “dream team” of VCT Americas

Riot Games announced the KICKOFF Americas groups last Tuesday (30) and the gaming community VALUING demonstrated that NRG passes this group without major difficulties. This is because the North American team will have FURIA, MIBR and Cloud9 in its group.

Furthermore, the Panthers debut against the squad that now includes the two-time champion of Champions 2023, demon 1 e Ethan. When answering our report’s question, mwzera stated that the team didn’t worry much about the group and that NRG put together the “dream team”, so the pressure is on their side.

We don’t think much about the group. It’s going to be a difficult game against NRG because they put together NA’s dream team, but the pressure is more on their side than on ours. In their minds, the obligation to win is theirs. Everyone wants to win and show results for Brazil and whoever has prepared better will have a better chance of winning, we are ready regardless of who is against.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Mw and the change of role for 2024

mw joined FURIA and had to adapt to the role of initiator/flex. However, with the changes in 2024, the player, who is known in Brazil for his performance as a duelist, returned to his official role. Furthermore, at the press conference the player stated that he feels freer when returning to the role.

I feel much more comfortable playing my game, the way I like it and with more freedom to move around the map. While it’s true that flex and launchers have more of a support role, I feel like I don’t have as much control over that. I feel freer because my approach to the game is more aggressive and dynamic, which helps me and fits well with my style.

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