08 Feb 2024

Leo Faria reveals details about team skins in the 2024 Franchise League

Riot Games previously revealed the arrival of capsules of partner teams in the Franchise League of VALUING. Furthermore, during the Plat Chat podcast, this Wednesday (7), Leo Fariageneral director of FPS revealed that this will be the first fixed collection in the store.

(Photo: Disclosure/lhfaria)

As stated by Leo Faria, the package will include Classic skin, keychains, sprays and player cards. The director also informed that each organization created its own player card.

The teams designed their own player cards and you can see a little bit of everything and we wanted them to be able to make something that represented their team.

It is worth mentioning that VALORANT skins are one of the main sources of generating revenue. Furthermore, this is the first time in the game’s history that a collection will be fixed in the game.

Finally, Leo Faria also explained why the Classic was the developers’ choice and not other weapons like Phantom and Vandal.

If you look at the classic we don’t have a huge offer compared to other weapons in the game. The classic is always the weapon you start the round with, that is, you will always be showing the team you support and support.

The collection is available throughout the season, with emphasis on the teams that win the Masters and the Champions, for a given time. So far, there is no information about when collections will arrive at VALORANT.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira

published in February 7, 2024


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