09 Feb 2024

Which champion did you hate but overcame? Community debate

When we start playing LoLwe have very wrong first impressions, as champion X is robbed and then we already hate this champion, but over time, we see that he wasn’t all that or had worst. A LoL community caught this phenomenon and vented about it!

Community wonders: which champion did you hate, but now handles well?

The discussion started in the LoL community on Reddit and the first champion mentioned is one that many people may have hated at the beginning of the game, check it out:

Teemo was the terror of League, but Riot has released so many sick champions since then that nowadays Teemo isn’t even a top 10 unbearable champion.

Another user responded to this comment:

Yeah, the only problem I have with Teemo today is when he’s not in my lane. When I face him, I deal with it calmly, but when it’s against another person on my team, something always happens and he gets bizarrely fed up.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

One fan had as his most hated champion one who is the target of many people:

I used to really hate playing against Yasuo, but honestly today, with what’s in League, he’s one of the smallest problems to play against.

And Main Teemo reversed the game, look at his biggest fear:

I’m main Teemo main and my god, there’s no greater fear than hearing that little Q noise and knowing that I’m going to suffer another violent death. There is no counterplay in Gragas being a Teemo, just suffering.

Keeping the agenda at the top, we have new competitors for the most hated in the LoL community:

I hated Irelia with all my might. But when I started facing Fiora, she became my permaban.

And another member of the LoLzinho community agrees with Fiora’s comment:

As a top/mid OTP Cho’Gath main, I say I went through the same journey, Fiora is impossible.

Another community user was categorical and didn’t even explain much:

Lulu, I hate this champion so much. I hated it, I got over it, but I hated it again.

Image: Disclosure/LoL)

And were there people from the community who overcame their hatred of the champion with LoL mechanics? Connect:

I always hated any Draven in my game, but then I found the mute button and everything was fine!

skins de natal - Draven Noel
Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games

And who was your champion that you hated but overcame? Mine was this next one quoted by another member of the LoL community:

I HATED Shaco, so I decided to play Shaco to learn how to counter him. Well, here we are with a million masteries now.

Good strategy, become what you hate most!


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