19 Feb 2024

game releases this week (11/02)

Carnival week, but that doesn’t mean the releases stop coming out. On the contrary, it is precisely here that we have the most exciting moment of the year. And the big highlight is Skull and Bonesa pirate simulator that, after years of suffering from delays, will finally arrive on consoles and PC.

We also have the launch of Fight Crab 2sequel to the unusual crab fighting game, and the arrival of Tomb Raider I–III Remasteredremastered collection of the first titles in the Lara Croft franchise.

And finally, we have the arrival of the expected RPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Edenand the new exclusive game for Nintendo Switch, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, which puts the mustache in confrontation with the overalls. Check out the complete list and respective prices.

1. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – February 13

  • Plataformas: PS5, Xbox Series S/X e PC

The action RPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden arrives on current-gen consoles and PC this week. In it, players take control of Red, a ghost hunter who, together with the spirit of his companion Antea, needs to solve supernatural cases in the lands of New Eden, more precisely in the year 1695.

Banishers: Ghosts of New EdenSource: Steam

The game has been attracting attention for presenting intense combat scenes, where it is possible to switch between characters, each with very different characteristics. Furthermore, it will also have a system based on decisions that will shape the future of your story. The game is now on pre-sale starting at R$179.90.

2. Fight Crab 2 – February 13

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch and PC

One of the most unusual games of recent years will get a sequel. Fight Crab 2 is the new chapter of the famous game that features fights between giant crabs. To do this, they have weapons and armor, to destroy not only their opponents, but everything that comes their way.

Fight Crab 2Source: Steam

If so many curious elements weren’t enough, the game also features real-time narration and commentary, and a Career Mode where you need to strengthen your fighting crab, being able to choose between up to 40 different skills. The game does not yet have a set price, but it already has a demo version that can be downloaded for free.

3. Tomb Raider I–III Remastered – February 14th

  • Plataformas: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch e PC

Lara Croft is back. But don’t worry, this is not a new title from the most famous heroine in the world of gaming, but the remaster of the first three games in the franchise Tomb Raider. The collection will bring the character with a modernized look, especially in relation to the eternal polygons that made Lara’s curves become “points”.

Tomb Raider I–III RemasteredTomb Raider I–III RemasteredSource: Steam

However, the scenarios did not undergo this same whim, and in the promotional material it is possible to notice that everything is still very polygonal. But, for older and more nostalgic fans, it’s an excellent opportunity to revisit the franchise’s original trilogy. The game is already on pre-sale starting at R$80.09, and anyone who makes this purchase will be able to play it on February 12th.

4. Skull and Bones – February 16

  • Plataformas: PS5, Xbox Series S/X e PC

After almost seven years since the official announcement, finally Skull and Bones will come to current-gen consoles and PC. The piracy simulator even raised doubts as to whether it would even be released after a series of postponements, many of which were not expected to arrive in stores. But the nightmare should end this week with his long-awaited arrival.

Skull and BonesSkull and BonesFonte:  Epic Games

The game is focused on naval battles, and a lot of exploration in search of treasures. Furthermore, it will have crossplay between platforms, and an evolution system for your boats and crew. The game is already on pre-sale starting at R$ 249.99, and it is now possible to check out a beta version of it completely free of charge, with rewards for those who participate.

5. Mario vs. Donkey Kong – February 16

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch and PC

The most famous mustachioed man in the gaming world will get a new game. It is a remake of the game released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance. But, due to so many modifications, such as the addition of various elements, it can also be said that this is an unprecedented title.

Mario vs. Donkey KongMario vs. Donkey KongSource: Nintendo

In it, Mario needs to stop Donkey Kong, who stole all the plumber’s toys from the Mario Toy Company. To do this, he will have to go through a series of worlds to find the stolen items and stop the jumpsuit. The game is already on pre-sale for R$249.00, and has a completely free demo version.

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