21 Feb 2024

Community criticizes the Honor System and its limitations

There is no shortage of guidelines for community of LoL to criticize or react, but now the criticism has gone to the Honor System. Why only honor one ally? Why just honor allies? Check out the community’s reactions and responses to these questions.

Community criticizes League’s Honor System

It all started on Reddit, with the exact questions already mentioned and a few more complaints, check it out:

I feel this is a pointless limitation and could send the wrong message. I’ve had a few games where two or even three players were constantly helping me. And then after the game, these 3 honored me and I could only honor one of them back.

Why that? I heard that in Wild Rift they allow you to honor multiple people, so why the one person limitation in League? I feel bad in these situations, where I only honor one of the three people who helped me in the game.

And the community has already responded with another question:

Why can’t I honor the opponent?

And a fan answered this question:

I think it’s really needed, some nice people deserve more honors. I remember I fed to Top once and the Top who loved me didn’t fail to give me some tips. I wish I could have honored him.

And another LoL player identified with the report:

That’s exactly how I met my best friend. We were Shen against Shen and we added each other and gave each other tips on how to play.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Returning to the main question, a player follows the doubt:

Shouldn’t we be more positive in the game? Being able to honor more people would be much more efficient in a less toxic community, and not limiting pings.

And another player responds about the Wild Rift reference:

Wild Rift’s honor system is 100% better than League’s. I have no idea why Riot hasn’t released this for PC yet.

Is this one of the solutions for the community to become more united and less toxic? The question will always be this!

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games
Sergio Fiorini

published in February 19, 2024


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