21 Feb 2024

Is Launcher safe? Find out if downloading Minecraft with the program is piracy

One of the most famous exploration and survival games on the market, Minecraft is undeniably a success. Launched by Mojang in November 2011 after around two years of private testing versions, the game is still very popular today and serves as inspiration for a number of other titles released for consoles, PC and cell phones.

A crucial factor that cannot be ignored is that the boxy title starring Steve, Alex and the gang is a paid title — that is, You need to buy a copy to play —. Not to mention that in some versions you still have to pay an extra amount to play online, as in the case of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. To “circumvent” all these expenses, Tlauncher was createdwhich became quite popular among a portion of the game’s fans.

What is Tlaucher?

Tlauncher is nothing more than a “cracked” version of Minecraft which allows you to play without paying. In other words, it’s a pirated version of Mojang’s game. The program, which must be run on the computer, breaks the barriers of the Java version of Minecraft, allowing players to have access the game without spending money.

So yes, if you were among those who still had doubts about the legality of running Tlauncher to run Minecraft for free, now you know for sure: this option It is piracy and an illegal practice.

One of the reasons why Microsoft and Mojang haven’t taken action on the little program is probably the way it works: as unlocking occurs in the Java version, releasing lockdown updates would be like trying to cover the sun with a sieve. Soon the crackers would find another loophole and find a way to launch a new version of the pirated launcher.

Tlauncher is free to download, which is in line with the project’s proposal to offer a free version of Minecraft, and requires a few steps for its installation to be done correctly — including release some security permissions for the game to be installed successfully.

What are the functions of Tlaucher?

The first of them is very clear and we have already mentioned it above: Tlauncher lets you play Minecraft for free. After downloading and installing the pirated launcher, players can access the Mojang game and enjoy the game with friends on different servers compatible with this “Jack Sparrow” version of the title.

Tlauncher offers players free access and allows them to add a variety of Minecraft mods.Source: Tlauncher/Reproduction

Additionally, Tlauncher gives gamers the option to customize the gaming experience with the addition of Mods that can greatly transform the look and feel of the Minecraft world. It is possible, for example, install skin packs, new modifications that make the game’s lighting more realistic and add different types of texturesin addition to several other mods made available by and for the community.

Is using Tlaucher safe?

In terms of security, the use of Tlauncher falls into the same scheme as any and all unofficial launchers: when installing such a program on your computer, there is always the possibility of opening loopholes to invasions, data theft, installation of viruses, trojans, spyware and all types of digital attacks. As tempting as the idea of ​​playing your favorite game for free is, it is always good to weigh the consequences of such an act.

When installing Tlauncher you may be exposing your computer, your files, your data and your accounts to unknown people who may not exactly have their well-being and safety as a priority. There may even be a version of Tlauncher that is clean and safe to use, but who knows how many others are circulating on the internet with malicious code just waiting to be run in administrator mode on your PC or notebook.

Installing unofficial launchers is often dangerous as it can open your computer’s doors to viruses and hacker attacks.Source: Getty Images/Reproduction

Both in the case of Minecraft with Tlauncher and any other game and their respective launchers that promise to unlock free play, There is always a risk that holes are being opened in your computer. Therefore, the best and safest way to play, although it is also the most expensive way, is to buy a copy of the game.

Especially because, in the case of Tlauncher himself, Servers that support the pirated launcher are often full of hackers which, without a doubt, will greatly disrupt your gaming experience. Those that may be able to contain hacker activity, according to reports from the community itself on forums such as Reddit and Quora, generally present performance well below expectations, with crashes, slowness and so on.

I.e: In addition to the security uncertainty, Tlauncher is also not exactly the best way to enjoy the Minecraft world. If the game’s current price doesn’t fit your budget, it might be worth waiting for a promotion and playing with the security of the official servers.

Remembering that Minecraft is also available with the Xbox Game Pass subscription. The game can be used on both consoles and PC through a subscription, which has a 14-day free trial with invitation codes.


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