21 Feb 2024

Riot believes it has fixed matchmaking for new players

One of the great promises and Riot to the 2024 season no LoL was to fix the matchmaking To the new playerswho were not having good experiences in first ranked. According to the text of the Riot Phroxzon in preview of patch 14.4he believes that Riot will already be able to resolve some of the errors in this regard.

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Has Rio fixed matchmaking for new players?

According to the Design leader, Phroxzon, Riot believes it has resolved all the bugs for the first classification of new players in the Ranked, along with other changes. Check the text:

At this point, we believe that we have resolved all the bugs that we are aware of regarding the matchmaking of the first rankeds. If you continue to see players being matched with gold accounts as a legitimate new player, please let us know. We are still trying to improve the accuracy of the positioning based on this, but work continues on this and there is nothing definitive.

In the coming weeks, we will reduce the amount of PDL’s received on accounts below Emerald from +- 28 to +- 25. This should help players who are constantly promoted and then demoted due to a negative streak of matches.

In general terms, Riot has demonstrated sensitivity regarding the issue of new players.

Riot Phroxzon doesn’t stop talking

Leader of Riot’s most judged sector, balancing, Rioter is still more incisive than old players and remains in the same link.

Phroxzon has already mentioned, in a debate on Reddit, that the player should look for a coach instead of complaining about Riot. Another example of the Riot employee being more incisive was when he stated that there is no Losers Queue.

When will the new patch arrive with the matchmaking changes?

The changes will arrive in patch 14.4which is scheduled to arrive on the server on February 22. See the full League patch update schedule.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games
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published in February 19, 2024


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