23 Feb 2024

Who is the most iconic champion in each role?

The five LoL roles have already been played by several champions over time, but who was the bigger function reference? The community entered this debate, trying to find the most iconic decade role do LoL.

Who is the most iconic champion from each League role?

The discussion took place on Reddit and the user who created the question started with his vote for the most iconic Jungle champion, check it out:

I don’t think you can think about jungle without thinking about Lee Sin. In many ways, I think becoming a solid player with Lee is almost a rite of passage to becoming a better jungler in League.

And then, they vote on an iconic name for support – which is my vote too:

Thresh is the most iconic support

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Then they added a mid-laner, who made a lot of history in LoLzinho:

The biggest meaning of iconic, of all the functions, is the Ryze in the mid.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

A user has already closed a team in his argument:

My first thought was: Darius (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Zed (Mid), Ezreal (ADC), and Thresh (Support). I don’t know if everyone agrees, but especially Lee Sin and Thresh are the reference in their positions for most players.

Another player contrary to the list, changing Top, Mid and ADC:

I would only change a few names, for me it would look like this: Renekton (Top), Lee (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Jinx (ADC) and Thresh (Support).

And let’s take a look at a third detailed list, shall we?

Top is easily either Garen, or Darius. They are THE GUYS of Riot in the role.

In Jungle it’s Lee, no contest.

In Mid it is Lux or Yasuo. Both are very popular characters in the game.

ADC after Arcane is Jinx. Before Arcane I would say it was Jhin.

Support is Thresh.

And look, on the Editor’s list, I would put Thresh and Lee Sin too, in the Mid I would choose Ryze, at the top I would put Jax – who was barely mentioned – and I close my list with Caitlyin ADC. Is the list good?

Image of the skin Thresh Winter Blessing 2023 Prestige in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


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