29 Feb 2024

Island of Legends Effect breaking its own records

O Island of Legends has already been dominating the costream numbers of the CBLOL 2024 1st splitwith the right to make the group of streamers Top 1 and Top 2 in broadcasts, according to the data portal Esports Charts. And apparently the Island of Legends Effect is getting stronger and stronger!

Island of Legends Youtubers

In the first round of the return, Ilha’s broadcast on YouTube reached the mark of 143 mil viewers during Saturday (24), this is the group’s highest peak in simultaneous viewers in 2024. Furthermore, the channel had its best day in terms of audience since the start of broadcasts: there were 163 mil unique spectators during CBLOL last Saturday, with a peak of 61 mil simultaneous spectators during the match between paiN Gaming x Loud.

Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Effect Island of Legends? International numbers!

Ilha das Lendas has not only been a phenomenon in Brazil. Baiano’s group has been attracting attention outside the country, with more than 17% of the LCS 2024 audience share, the tournament has been generating more and more attention and prominence within Brazil thanks to the so-called “Island of Legends effect”.

Sergio Fiorini

published in February 27, 2024


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