29 Feb 2024

Understand the League of Legends mission system

If you’ve recently started playing, you might be a little confused about the game system. LoL Challengeswhich is nothing more than small missions that you complete during the game to earn unique titles.

Next, the More Esports will show youall about LoL Challenges: what they are, how they work, how to level up and what reward they give!

What are challenges in LoL?

The Challenges system in LoL is basically a selection of several “missions” that you need to complete to progress through the different challenges, divided into six categories.

There’s a challenge to win an ARAM without dying, a challenge to gain levels of advantage over your opponent, finish with a higher vision score, among many others.


How to evolve LoL Challenges?

Each challenge in LoL has its own way of evolving, which is generally by completing small objectives within the game.

For example, the “Omniscient” challenge needs you to have a vision score of over 2 per minute, while the “Support Boost” needs you to complete your support mission in a maximum of 14 minutes.

It’s worth remembering that the Challenges progression system is very similar to that of LoL links, in which you have points and different ranks.

How many challenges are there in LoL?

There are over 300 Challenges in League! However, the exact number is not known, as new missions are launched annually in LoL.

How to show Challenges in LoL?

In the LoL Client, click on the “Profile” icon and then go to the “Challenges” tab, after “Overview”. In this tab you can filter the challenges by different groups, rarity, tier or time acquired, in addition to seeing your progression in each challenge.

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Types of challenges in LoL

Challenges in LoL are divided into five categories:

  • Imagination Challenges: Focus on creative and innovative plays, encouraging players to explore new strategies and game modes.
  • Specialization Challenges: They evaluate the player’s ability in direct confrontations, requiring victories without deaths, outperforming the opponent in terms of farm, among others.
  • Living Challenges: Rewards players for reaching significant milestones in kills, gold, and other important in-game statistics.
  • Collection Challenges: Related to the ability to accumulate cosmetic items, champions, and other loot within the game. This category is ideal for players who enjoy collecting and completing item sets.
  • Teamwork and Strategy Challenges: Emphasize the importance of cooperation and strategic planning as a team.
  • Legacy Challenges: These are temporary challenges, generally associated with specific events within the game, offering exclusive rewards for a limited time.

What are the rewards for League Challenges?


Whenever you win a LoL Challenge or level up, badges and titles are released, which you can use on your profile.

Below your Summoner Icon, you can choose a title to display, as well as three emblems, all of which will make up your identity in League of Legends.


You can customize your entire identity through the Menu, accessed by clicking on your summoner icon in the game client. There, you will have tabs where you can choose your Icon, Frame, Badges and Titles.

Challenges appear on the loading and post-match screen

Image of the loading screen with LoL Challenges

Riot Games also updated the Match Loading Screen, where you can show and see everyone’s Challenge Crystals and Emblems, in addition to information that was already present before, such as champion, skin, link, mastery, among others.

In which matches do I earn Challenge points in LoL?

By clicking on the card for each of the Challenges in LoL, you have access to different information, including the modes that can be played to complete the respective mission.

At the end of the matches, the client will show the Progression Page, which displays already known features, such as progress in ranked, Champion Mastery and Summoner Level, in addition to the progression of Challenges.

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