10 Mar 2024

ELECTROCUTED Jayce is the new trend in Korean queues

O Jayce Coreano is famous, but do you know Korean Jayce Electrocuted? This is going to be shocking (sorry). Check out Jayce’s build with Electrocute in the text that will make you win any level 1 no mid!

Electrocuted Jayce Runes

Well, for him to be electrocuted like that, he has to have Electrocute in the runes. This choice and the Sudden Impact It’s the choices that make this gameplay unique. Check out the complete rune:

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Let’s understand why some runes: Electrocute It’s the best rune to have as a burst, but it doesn’t work with Jayce’s Cannon E+Q combo – which is why you want to prioritize Jayce’s Hammer.

The Q in the Hammer version of Jayce is an improvement, and thanks to the rune Sudden Impact, you will gain 9 lethality at level 1. And with: Q of the Hammer, Passive of the Hammer, R, basic attack of the Cannon, Q of the Cannon, and one more basic attack you deal the damage of the Electrocute. All this with Ignite, the chance of you killing a mid mage is huge.

What do Jayce’s passives do?

In case you don’t know, the Jayce has a passive for each R (Hammer and Cannon). Let’s understand this before going to build.

When Jayce finishes turning his weapon into Hammeryour next basic attack deals Magic Damage additional, outside you have Magic Resistance e Increased Armor (so you will focus on maintaining the hammer).

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

When Jayce finishes turning his weapon into Cannonyour next basic attack deals reduction of Armor e Magic resistancein addition to making your Basic Attack long-range (due to the Armor and Magic Resistance debuff you want to always activate Electrocute with the Cannon, to increase instant damage).

Electrocuted Jayce Build

If we’re talking about burst, we have to talk about the Opportunity item, which brings up another important word for Jayce: Movement Speed. Check the item

In the image, the Opportunity item
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Movement Speed ​​is essential for you to ensure you maintain distance to apply your attacks. Besides, it already has Lethality and the possibility of creating a snowball – that is, if you kill, you stay very but strong with the passive Eminence.

However, do the Opportunity in installments. Start with the Serrated DaggerTear of the Goddess – and then finish the Opportunity. Then continue the build with Boots of Swiftness, Manamune, Yoummu’s Ghostblade, Edge of Night and Serylda’s Grudge. If you want, you can change the Threshold it’s at Serylda by situational items.

How to Run Electrocuted Jayce

Here you need to have top-lane expertise: in most match-ups against mages, cut the wave and avoid the rival player. Your objective is always to prevent your opponent from getting XP from the first three minions.

Image of how to play with Electrocuted Jayce
You can come from the bush, or come from the jungle entrance closest to the rival side. Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Don’t forget: when you cut the wave, advance with the hammer and do the combo: Q Hammer, Basic Attack from the passive, R, Basic Attack from the passive, Q, Basic Attack. With this you will have already cut your rival’s life in half – and your XP.

Image illustrating how to play Electrocuted Jayce
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Prevent the opponent from advancing to get the XP, and when he is low on life, just play with the Hammer and repeat the combo with Ignite when using the third attack/skill to deal damage with Electrocute.

Other gameplay tips

With this rune you are capable of destroying the lane at level 1 – and this is your objective – but if you fall against a Yasuo or Yone who have a very strong first level, then play more like a ranged champion until you can blast him with a combo.

Otherwise, just get this quick kill and then try using the Q Hammer as an area damage. Jayce doesn’t only deal damage and slow down the target he hits, so if the player is close to a minion, you can hit this minion and turn the damage over to the opponent.

In the photo, Jayce in the animation Arcane
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

And it is because of this technique that Movement Speed ​​is extremely important, to advance faster than possible and the opponent cannot react. Because of Speed, it’s always a good idea to use skills like Ahri’s E or Anivia’s Q – without CC, you’re unstoppable and always punish this error window.

In the photo, Jayce in the Resistance skin
Image: Reproduction/ Riot Games

Jayce Electrocuted Mid/Late Game

You are a burst machine, made to leave enemies in shock – but if the burst is not enough, your Movement Speed ​​will be enough for a side situation in the mid/late game to generate space, deal damage from a distance up to the enemy is subject to dying in a combo.

Avoid playing with this build against Malphite and Gragas, they can absorb a lot of your strength. And the biggest counter to this build is the mechanics, so don’t get frustrated the first few times, you need to get the champion’s softness!

To check out the full gameplay, just check it out here:


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