13 Mar 2024

Epic Games was not hacked, ransomware group admits

Last Wednesday (28), the Mogilevich group, a ramsoware gang that has been active for a short time, claimed to have invaded Epic Games’ servers — although they had no concrete proof of the action at the time. The “hostages” of what happened were around 200 GB of sensitive data, such as passwords, personal information and source codes for some games.

The group said it would sell the data this Monday (4), if the North American giant did not pay the ransom — the value of which was not revealed. Later, in a note sent to the VGCEpic Games reported that, after an investigation into what happened, it found “no evidence that these allegations were legitimate.”

Now, Pongo, a spokesman for Mogilevich, sent a statement to Cyber Daily, admitting that the group did not hack Epic Games, but that they were trying to carry out a different type of scam. Instead of selling the platform’s internal data, they intended to sell their fake ransomware infrastructure to other hackers.

Hacker group admitted that it did not defraud Epic Games.Source: Algar Telecom

“Now the real question is: why confess all this when we could just run away?” Pongo asked the Cyber Daily. “This was done to illustrate the process of our scam. We don’t consider ourselves hackers, but rather criminal masterminds, if you can call us that.”

Of course, this statement by Mogilevich could also be false, since it was not yet evidently clear what the group wanted to achieve with the action. However, the fact is that Epic Games data remains protected for now.

Ransomware attacks are quite common in the gaming industry

Ransomware attacks are serious and could end up affecting companies in different sectors, including video games. Fortunately, in this specific case of Epic Games, it was nothing alarming — but the outcome could (and still can) be very different.

In December 2023, Insomniac Games suffered a very serious ransomware attack.Fonte:  Insomniac Games

In case you don’t remember, in December last year Insomniac Games, a Marvel’s Spider-Manfrom the franchise Ratchet & Clank and several other properties, suffered a ransomware attack that compromised around 1.6 TB of company files.

At the time, several images, videos and a supposedly playable build of Marvel’s Wolverine on PlayStation 5. Additionally, confidential information from new Insomniac Games games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 3three titles in the franchise X-Men and a new Ratchet & Clankalso went public.


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